Thursday, February 9, 2012

Afternoon Delight 02/09/12 - A Quickie

Gonna make this a quickie tonight. Sorry ladies. Usually the Afternoon Delight offered here at STB is long and strong (sometimes too long and strong for some). This afternoon we'll have to take what we can get. Hey, sometimes it's not the size that matters, right? Wrong? Let me prove it to you.

First, since STB is always discussing the Fed and its "short comings", maybe you need to know a few more facts about the entity (non-governmental mind you) that is stealing every penny of current and future tax dollars to fund the crony capitalist state. 10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve

We've all heard a lot about Greece recently. STB has done a fantastic job not reporting on all the BS, letting it flow right on by and waiting for the climax (that will never come cause it can't - ouch!). Well, were finally close and guess what? The markets don't like it. I've told you for quite some time, win or lose, this would more than likely be a sell the news event. Calm Before The Storm? Credit Plunges As VIX Futures Jump Most In 2 Months | ZeroHedge

We all can do basic math right? STB has been pointing to this simple fact for years now as the simple basis that none of this bailout crap will ever work. Here is the math for Greece. As a reminder, our math may actually be slightly worse. Is A Greek Uncontrollable Default Inevitable? | ZeroHedge 

This one must be followed as this is crony capitalism at its finest. the greatest rip off, screw job, fucking, whatever you want to call it they have laid on us yet. No, Washington Footing the Cell Phone Bill for Millions of Low Income Americans is not the worst. It is Is The Foreclosure Settlement A Shadow Bailout For Broke California | ZeroHedge.

Lets keep the bad math and fucking theme rolling shall we (I told you it would be good didn't I?) How We're F*ed -- In Raw Numbers Market-Ticker

THE VOTE PUMP - YouTube (which could be confused with another type of pump for the needy)

Chart of the Day - 

What else - 60m SPX - Not to be confused with a bra from the 60's. That's a wedge ending.

OH, and the VIX daily - You know STB loves to look or divergences to price - we got one - small, but it is there. Add this to the wedge ending and you get ......what looks like a mound of crap. The VIX is busted and has been for years.

GL and GB!

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