Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Afternoon Delight 02/15/12 - Lots-o-charts

Here are a bunch of charts I have not shown in a while - see if anything registers with you.

So the Trannies are leading -

Or are they so far ahead they are just getting back in line?

I've always loved this chart, see if you can figure out just how busted it is - hint - BONDS. Part 2 - do you know what happens to the 30yr without and with QE? You see the explosion without. So with QE what happens? See this.

Call this chart - Reality - Uh, someone forgot to include the economy with this recovery. Whoops!

Where will we eventually be headed? Price the SPX in gold and you get a total wipe out.

Commods at support - this is interesting.

Copper - Just for you QDM - At odds with the commodity index above. Or is it?

I thought all was well and there was a recovery? Fr, Ger and the PIIGS -

Munis cruisin for a bruisin?

That's enough for now - I'll get to more current stuff in the morning.

GL and GB.

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