Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekend Video

Just something priceless from this morning that I want to live forever. ZH and many others have it and if you have seen it, sorry.

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and his campaign for transparency finally makes CNBS. We don't correct the problems and let the market work.  Too much regulations so they eliminated them. 75% of the Americans want the Fed audited, but Barney Frank apparently does not. The fear - if it were audited the fraud would be revealed. Dear reader, hos does that make you feel inside?

My two favorite parts A) when a congressman discusses the PPT and B) the last 30 seconds when Joe asks Ron to come on for a couple of hours and Ron replies (jokingly I assume) he might not be able to stand then for that long. Absolutely magnificent.

Yes, that was me on Infowars Thursday. 

Enjoy your weekend. I will begin running daily commentary on Monday so please stop by and give me a shout to discuss anything.

Super H/T to my buddy Peter for snagging the link.