Monday, November 16, 2009

Morning Post

Good morning. Still struggling with where we are. This is really tough spot.

e-mini 60m - The Gray line is the bear market top line. The pink line is the 1107 to 1109 gap. The royal blue lines are the rising P2 wedge. THE MINIS ARE AT THE INTERSECTION of blue and gray. The count?All I can say is that I believe we are somewhere in 5 of C of P2. I have speculated all along that it would truncate, but maybe not. We'll just have to see.

DXY 60m - Channeling down. I adjusted it from Friday, but it fits better now. At support of the 50% channel line and the 74.95 lows. The pink line is the dominant top trendline for the fall. $74.50 is a number I like. I'll be watching that pink line closely for a break.

SPX daily  - If trend holds, it is still topping (see blue boxes). The indicators are all over the place. I have a sell signal (red line and I am still in a 50% position short in SDS and SRS from /ES 1097 level. The gap between RSI and the upper divergence trendline (black) bothers me as a bear. If that trendline gives way, all the top callers can go back to the drawing boards IMO.

With this being opex week, where the indicators are and where some prices are in relation to their trendlines, the markets are not offering us much help in defining a clear direction at this point. There is potential to go in either direction based on what I see. That may sound crappy, but if you are a ST trader, wouldn't you much rather know where we are headed instead of guessing? I'm still holding my shorts (and my breath). That intersection on the minis may be a very significant point, so no calls till that hits and we see the reaction. This could be a three here today as  2 or 4 of 5 may have played out. I have speculated that it would take a 3 to get thru those top lines and the gap. It is tough to call and I'm not willing to walk that ledge with where everything is.