Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just What The Heck Is Going On?

Let's cruz the nuz shall we.

Zero Hedge - Moody's CMBS Delinquency Tracker Hits Decade High  - We all now (and hopefully have not forgotten about the impending CRE crash. Yes, that issue still exists, although you may not know or remember as the MSM dose not discuss it and "they" want you to forget about it. Shhh, its a big secret. "So here is the data on the ongoing deterioration in CMBS, courtesy of Moody's, which data merely confirms data previously presented by RealPoint, the GSEs, and anyone else naive enough to care that this data set is relevant in Bubble Market 3000." The data in the report is astounding.

Mish  - GE CEO Plays Kiss Ass With Obama - Gotta love Mish when he is on a roll and in this one he does not hold anything back. I have been saying for years now just what Mish is saying, GE is a whore to the administration. "This just goes to show you, if you have enough clout and you are are willing to kiss Obama's ass, he just may be willing to kiss yours. This is the way the game works, so someone may as well be blunt about it." Mish does leave out one important point, CNBS and their government propagandist market cheer leading that is no doubt mandated from the top. How could they present anything bad about their sugar daddy?

naked capitalism -Bank of America Foreclosure Shenanigans? This is some real shit. "For the house I “rent” where the original mortgage was with Countrywide (and then transferred to B of A when B of A bought the property) this is simply a process for getting the house off of B of A’s books and back on Countrywide’s books (now BAC Home Loan Servicing). As I said, it is all charade or smoke-and-mirrors or a shell game." Plus the shell game inflates the existing home sales dramatically. What a crock. The more we dig the more we will find out about the bull shit that CD is allowing to go on all in the name of reflating and saving the TBTS's asses.

FOFOA -Is the Dollar "Good as Tungsten"?  I pulled this from the ZH comments section (where lots of good items can be found on a daily basis). This is a story about counterfeit gold. It is a conspiracy based story. I am emphasizing the word STORY. Why am I reporting this? Simply, because I do not personally believe that the gold supplies of any entity or country if audited would stand up to the test. I'm sorry I can not pull the post, but I read somewhere recently that they calculated all the gold ever mined and compared that number to the total reserves and guess what - they did not add up. So, this begs the question, if you say you have more gold than you do, then what do you do? Read on, you conspiracy nuts will love this one.

The Big Picture -Legalizing and Taxing Marijuana  Many of my friends will appreciate and visit this link (Do you think I'd "draw" more blog "hits" if I put legalizing marijuana in the labels every post?). Towlie, you getting this?

That is enough for now. GL out there. I plan on posting on the potential for more upside, gold and a potential set up in oil that might send it above $90.

GL trading!