Tuesday, November 17, 2009

E- minis, SPX And DXY Now

5 does not quite equal one yet (somewhere around 1115) but you can see the the resistance above and the lower ED trendline to the right - The retracement area is 1069 to 1058. If you look closely you'll see a red support line at 1062 and the lower dark blue P2 support line at 1060. divergence in S Sto and RSI are there. MACD as well. Let's pay close attention to what happens here. I believe this is A of either 2 or 4. If not it is 4 of 5 of 1. I am very leery (as I was Friday) of upside and remain only 50% short. When that trendline on the 15m breaks I'll add shorts up to 100%. All charts are in my chartbook and you'll see them on a 20m delay. Use the chartbook dropdown box to navigate. 

15m SPX - If that lower black trendline gives way  . . . . . backtest of the blue trendline for 2 or 4 of 5? Maybe to gap support?

DXY - Breaking out?

Looks like some sort of breakdown may be ready, BUT if that dollar reverses and a breakout happens look out. Keep those stops tight if you are short. I'll note that there is a possibility of one more pop up to 1115 SPX.