Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I thought I had seen this chart somewhere before.


SPX to 1928

I just thought the similarities (worth something or not) were worth pointing out.


  1. moron here...something tells me a rally tomorrow big into and after the FOMC meeting taking us to 1060-1067 by the end of the week....Does that match any count you have?

  2. It matches what I see as far as the indicators go. I just (finally) got long (kicking myself for not moving in this am long) with some SSO and UYG with tight stops. I was waiting on 60m RSI to crack the upper tendline and for the daily MACD HIST to turn up. I'm tentative, but will add aggressively after Fed announces or a run starts. As for a count - ROF LMAO - if anyone can count this crap be my guest. I think we're somewhere in 2 up to 1070ish I'm guessing now.

  3. moron here...I won't venture a guess on the count, way to new to the whole gig...however, something tells me a big rally is in the works, buffet buying BNI, FOMC meeting ( no way they raise rates)...signal clear boys, buffet says buy, let's go...maybe the push to P2 top? I'm flat, been hoping for a late day sell off to position long with SPY calls, like an idiot sold off a big long position on an itra day rally and have not found a spot yet....Good luck

  4. Nov 3 (Reuters) - US House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank told reporters on Tuesday:

    way to borrow money from Treasury department with significant congressional

    Good old Barney once again allowing the banks to hold a gun to the taxpayers head and allowing the highest bidder with their campaign contributions to come out the winner.
    What a guy.

  5. Anon - thanks- they can't stop now. Like doubling down on the roulette table waiting for black to come (and it ain't gonna hit). This is part of the plan to keep it all afloat. Keep on printing money. Reflate the bubble. Its BS is what it is.

  6. they call that pattern tits up, shanky.... at least the old boys do.... to be followed some time in the future by the d&b chart formation.... but you'll have to pay to find out what that stands for, if you don't already know.... biggest gsec you'll ever see.... lol....


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