Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Think We Are Looking For Some More Change?

Having assisted in the campaign for a local state senate seat recently , I am more than moved to hear about the ouster of some governors that have been in power. I am doing my part cause I want the right people representing me and you should too. We won but have to go to a run off cause of a lack of voters.

OK, do you think a lack of voters pissed me off? Well hell yeah it did. How? How in these times when getting the right people elected into office can you not make it to the polls to vote? This is more important than ever and people just don't give a shit. Folks, if you don't care and don't get involved NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE! I am on the side of the road with a campaign and vote today sign screaming my heart out to get people to vote (LOL - yes, me yelling at cars - maybe that was not the best idea), can you imagine that?

I want change (the right kind of change not to be confused with the change we already got). I am willing to work for change. I am tired of this shit. I want regulation. I want people punished. I want someone with a brain and ethics representing me. You should too, so get off your butt and do something about it. Make a phone call, donate, talk it up, get people to the polls, get a bumper sticker, just DO SOMETHING!

Replacing Democrats with Republicans is good only if the people replacing them are worth a shit. I have decided that party lines means little these days. Sure, you need balance but more importantly you need good, honest, hard working souls that have a ounce of common sense and actually care more about their constituents than their special interests and pocket books. If you do not do something about it and do not get involved nothing will change. Please, please get involved.

From Washington's Blog there is Will the Democrats Lose in 2010 (or 2012) Because They Won't Pass Real Financial Reforms? (this was covered by ZH and Naked Cap). "People are sick and tired of both parties' catering to the big boys. Indeed, given last night's election results and the Dems' utter failure to institute any real financial reform, trend forecaster Gerald Calente's prediction that a third party candidate will win the 2012 presidential election is sounding a little less crazy." repeat after me - RON PAUL - RON PAUL - RON PAUL!

Political Winds Shifting? from Denninger has, "It won't be an easy sell, but if they fail to make it, or worse, win on the back Obama's refusal to deal with the banksters and then continue the "anything goes in ripping off America" policies that both Bush and Obama have countenanced and in fact explicitly endorsed, we will suffer a political and economic collapse unlike anything previously seen in the world - a catastrophe worse than Germany in the 1930s."

Mish has a great piece on What is Money and How Does One Measure It? If you need an econ 101 refresher, please read it. With all the action in the dollar and its interaction with everything, I believe each of us could use a quick skim of this post as a refresher.

Prag Cap has ROUBINI ON THE DOLLAR CARRY TRADE & THE COMING CRASH. It is a must listen in my opinion.

The Big Picture and some others have covered the WSJ post on the economists "getting it wrong" in The Hubris of Economics Ritholtz gives his two cents. "This is not to say there are not good, even great economists (some are even friends of mine!) who foresaw the coming crisis and warned about it. Many are aghast at the rigor mortis in the academic establishment; some are horrified at how poorly the profession has done. Forget forecasting the future, too many economists cannot accurately describe what happened yesterday." Washington's blog covered this issues in Wall Street Journal Admits Economists Were Wrong, But Fails to Discuss their INCENTIVE for Being Wrong.

If I can remember I am going to start adding a daily story from Drew Curtis' a site that covers some of the more bizarre stories of the day. Today's link is Iranians Rally on Anniversary of American Embassy Takeover. Apparently the government organized a protest against the Americans and all that showed up protested the Iranian government. LOL now that's funny.

GL out there.


  1. I left you some comments about the gold thang a couple days ago..... should have expected that gsec...... lol..... d&b baby, d&b.....

  2. d&b LOL you are a smart lady. so nice to have you around.

  3. How about Rand and Ron as running mates in 2012 with Peter Schiff as economic advisor? Sign me up!

  4. Nice! I'd work for that combo.


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