Monday, November 9, 2009

I Have Had Enough Of This Crap!

Screw this. Let me get this clear, I am not some permabear that has been burnt to a crisp nor some scorned bull that did not partake at the trough 'o plenty. Those that read the blog know I like to play the daily SPX indicators up and down and have for quite some time. I am a pissed off American watching the Fed, treasury, congress, the administration, the banksters and Wall Street piss away our country's future while they gang rape us sans KY and screw the Constitution in the process.

When HuffPo starts making sense to this former republican, you know things are getting screwy. Arinna penned Why It's Wrong When Wrongdoers Are Allowed to Admit No Wrongdoing which blasts the justice/regulatory system. "Of course, it's not just our "too big to fail" banks that have been allowed to do wrong without having to admit to any wrongdoing. The pharmaceutical industry and health insurance companies have been doing the "pay the fine but admit nothing" dance for years -- chalking up the millions (and sometimes billions) they have been fined as the cost of doing business." This needed to end years ago, but only now is some sort of conversation beginning to correct the problem. Well, if history is any indicator, either nothing will ever get done or some poor schmuck company will be sacrificed (bet they are not in the GS club).

Zero Hedge weighs in with The Cost Of The 60% Market Move; The Benefits Of Free Liquidity. "There is now no question that the sole, undisputed factor driving credit and equity markets is the dollar destructive collusion between the Fed and the major global central banks. As long as the Fed is dead set on inflation, and is willing to throw trillions of free liquidity at any problematic flare up, and is happy to keep interest rates at 0%, liquidity-addicted equities will likely push higher until such time that the incremental hopium "hit" does nothing, and markets overdose, ending up not just in the critical condition reminiscent of fall 2008, but outright death." The destruction of America's wealth is under way. Well, let me correct that, the destruction of your wealth and mine is almost complete. They will have absorbed every last dollar and committed us to taxation purgatory to support their looting. This will not sit well with the sheeple, but unfortunately it will be too late when they finally figure out what has happened.

Denninger bangs on the carry trade in So It's Official: IMF / Carry Trades. You see this is the rat spinning the wheel driving the engine. Karl warns, "The only remaining question is whether these "carry trades" and the dollar depreciation that they cause will continue to levitate the equity markets. Friday morning there was a stunning correlation between the moves in the dollar and the S&P 500 - but then suddenly about 11:00 AM Central time, it broke down. Many equity and index futures traders have been essentially using the dollar as their "roadmap" for the last several months - but this is a correlation that only works so long as the decline is both orderly and perceived to continue to be so. If and when that perception changes the correlation will break with extremely violent results." So you just follow the dollar around. You permabears looking for a top only need to find the bottom in the dollar (if one exists).

Mish had so many good posts it was hard to choose from them all. I went with Financial Transaction Taxes Would Cause Stock Market Crash. (wonder why - LOL) WTF are these assholes thinking about? Oh yeah, I have kind of covered in the previous paragraphs some of the financial issues facing the nation and how taxation (MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TAXATION) is a necessary evil and they are working hard on figuring out how to get the money out of our pockets to pay for this fiasco. Wouldn't it be nice if they were this aggressive at fixing problems? "Proposed as a way to soak the rich while decreasing volatility, this bill would soak all stock holders and increase volatility. The markets will crash if this bill passes. Of course Congress is doing so many other stupid things, the market is likely to crash anyway."

PragCap brings us V-SHAPED RECOVERY? HOUSING BOTTOM? HUSSMAN ISN’T BUYING IT. "Two great pieces this weekend from John Hussman and William Hester at Hussman Funds. I would highly encourage readers to take a moment to read both pieces in their entirety. John Hussman’s piece attacks a topic we recently covered – the coming wave of mortgage resets that will create further headwinds for housing. Hester’s piece shows how the leading indicators of the economy are far from justifying the v-shaped recovery theory – a view the ECRI would vehemently disagree with. With large secular risks still at play and valuations stretched Hussman’s funds remain largely hedged as they continue to focus on downside risk." I have not read them both, but the Hussman's is really good. (But don't we all already know that the CRE and further RE crashes are coming (this is soooo 20007, except we see and know it is coming but don't give a shit).

I could go on and on, but you all know the drill. Wash, rinse, repeat (rob, lie, cheat) and on and on it goes. I have left out topics such as inflation, cap and tax and health care tonight cause the above is enough.

I plan on posting on UNG, Gold, the dollar and some other things soon. Remember the morning post in the am. Thanks for your support and good luck out there.


  1. moron here: its getting worse...90 deaths with hemorrhagic pneumonia and silence from the WHO, who have yet to release any sequence data. Very rapid increase in cases...In the end, maybe only the computers will be trading with themselves?

  2. Perfect----you nailed it in this post; sadly, what you speak of and reference is in fact the truth, unfortunately, the average, apathetic and ignorant American could not care less---as we march towards full socialism at the hands of a corrupt government and banking oligarch, little can be done to stop it. By the time the average American figures out that they have lost all of their freedoms and any chance at financial security, it will be too late and sadly, most will never realize that what is happening today is sowing the seeds of our rapid destruction.

    It truly is so sad, but investors would be well advised not to bet against this melt up---it is just beginning but the ramifications go beyond financial matters---the end of our free country grows nearer with every tick up in the markets.

  3. Moron, I'll have to look deeper into this it is awfully quiet for the MSM not to be picking this up unless they are under orders not to. Thanks for the update.

  4. Living in the suburbs of Atlanta, you would think the world is totally unchanged; malls and restaurants busy with lots of foot traffic. Most of my friends are very unaware of current events and gross corruption. Many signs of increasing small business failures and lots of for sale signs everywhere. Market is so unnatural at this point, I don't know how we see a day where stocks rally and bonds are so divergent and gold only goes up a fraction when the dollar has a huge drop. Doesn't it take a huge amount of money to keep bonds from selling off when markets rally, esp. when there is a bond auction.
    When are technicals going to matter?

  5. shanky...huffpo pounds the banks, wall st, geithner almost as hard as zh and others...though they are obama's loving worshippers, they do disagree with him on the bank approach. strange bedfellows, but we must take whichever ally is available to us.

  6. I am sorry about comment moderation - I will be adding Disqus soon (as soon as I can figure it out). I will then be able to blacklist certain asshole trolls that live on this planet forever.

    Anon 1 - thanks - it is very sad, but more are becoming aware of the problems every day. I just hope we are not too late and can stick save the democracy.

    Anon 2 - I grew up in the ATL (Buckhead to be exact). Small business failures may peak early next year as they try to make it thru one more holiday season. Foot traffic may be high, but spending is down. I am going to start adding bonds more in my analysis. I appreciate you pointing out the bond issue. Non revenue backed Munis scare the heck out of me.

  7. Thanks DH - was not sure if you still visited - glad to see that you do. Huffpo does do some good work, confusing to see the divergence in their posts - wild swings from one side to the other. Take care.


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