Friday, November 27, 2009

Morning Post

OK - So Dubai has some credit issues, who doesn't these days? Looking at the minis it looks like a impulsive 1 down has been completed and a 2 of some sort has been started. Mnis are only off 28 or so. LOL, this thin is gonna puke all over its self one day and soooo many don't realize it.

Believe it or not I don't think this was manufactured or timed in any specific manner. Yes, Conspiracy Boy Shanky thinks this was a non planned or timed event. Maybe it was, but I believe the big bombs fall over New Years. IMHO they do not want anything to disrupt the holiday season and the "EXTERNAL EVENT" that was out of "THEIR" control is just one example of what I have been calling for to rip the market from :their" grasp. Let's see how the PPT reacts to this move. I'm glad it happened today and that I have not touched a chart, cause that move woould have screwed up a lot of work. I plan on having most everything updated by Monday in the chartbook. I tust you all had a great Thanksgiving and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Minis from the top 60m - Looks like an impulsive 1 to me. Hard not to believe a top is set now. New lower low following lower high. Look for a 3rd wave to get it thru 1026.

DXY daily - Yet another massive spike up. I mentioned hopw the other day the market did not correspond with the big spike down, but it sho is with this spike up. If the yellow trendline goes look out.

This is really screwing up my relaxing morning, I'll be adding shorts this am I believe on the first corrective. I hate to swing trade in situations like this, but they will be small with liberal stops.