Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Morning Post

Indicators are almost there. 1035 SPX is a new number I am looking at for a top in the last week of December. 1121 is still my target.

/ES Daily - RSI needs to turn here or the divergence to price is screwed. Gray is upper bear market TL that was violated yesterday. Pink is the gap that got closed yesterday. So, at upper TL with dailys and weeklys ready to turn. Sounds like a good brew. How's that dollar doing?

$DXY daily - At upper bear market TL (pink). in a nice falling wedge setting new nt lows. Sky blue rectangle is a gap. RSI and MACD have a nice divergence to price and S Sto looks to be wanting to bull cross. The 60m is in a channel and is at the top of the channel right now. How does this fit with SPX?

SPX daily -  Well, if you follow the trend of the 7 to 9 days for a top then we've had 6 days in the blue box. RSI cracked an intermediate upper trendline, but I think that will be corrected. The only worry for the bears IMO is if RSI and MACD decide to run all the way to their divergence lines. S Sto is embedding. I expect the MACD hist to reverse and start falling some today.

SPX 60m - Looks like a massive divergence to price is being set on RSI. Bear cross on S Sto.

SPX weekly - This chart deserves it's own post and it will get it with a monthly chart later today when I make my case for more upside. Notice the 1135 target point and the A-E rising wedge possibility (I'm not letting go of that quite yet).

Time for either wave 2 or 4 of 5 of C to begin soon. 1170 to 1161 for the target. I am still holding my 50% SRS and SDS and ready to add to them now. I suffered yesterday, but have confidence in a reversal here especially based on the minis and the dollar. IF the dollar cracks that pink trendline I may be inclined to call a top - BUT here is my big secret - I'm gonna bet on a backtest of that TL to set the ultimate top.


EUR/JPY has busted a triangle and is headed to a lower TL at 131. 
EUR/USD is about to puke all over its self at an upper TL and about to fall out of a wedge.
Gold - floor keeps getting set. I'm waiting on a pullback to add aggressiviely.
UNG - see post from yesterday I'm in a 100% long position with a stop just below the lows.
UUP - Near lower channel line that it has been riding for some time. RSI has taken out its lower daily divergence TL and S Sto is not ready to cross.

Sorry for not replying to some comments and not getting a post up last night. I am coaching a 3rd and 4th grade B Ball team and last night was the first practice, so those practices may hinder some of my nightly posts.

I got to speak with Damon Vickers yesterday on the Alex Jones show. I Asked him about the impending top. The interview was excellent and I highly suggest you tune into the replay around 10:00 est. I am on at 11:00. Really good interview. www.infowars.com

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