Monday, November 2, 2009

Four Possible Solar Plays

If we're gonna get a pop for a 4th wave and then down for 5 but UP for 2 of P3 then now is the time to look at some short term plays on some stocks that got pummeled these last two weeks. As I go thru updating my chartbook, I'll throw out the best of what I find here.

Right now four Alternative Energy plays look like they may be worth looking at. If trends hold true these all look almost ripe for picking. Ne patient and let them come to you and set your stops.

See the charts below.





This last chart compares PBW (Alt Energy Index) to $WTIC (LT sweet crude). They tend to follow each other around and when these get to far apart they correct. Now, this is not saying they both can't correct straight down, but given the possibility of the potential pop due in the market, I'm guessing the near term correction id for alt energy to pop up.


  1. Shanky:

    I know your previous thoughts on Richt, but I think you now know that even with Martinez and Bobo potentially gone, this isn't going to get turned around with a coach who has no fire and keeps telling us for 2 years running that they're working on the penalties. This has reached rock bottom, where you need black helmets to motivate you against the #1 and undefeated team. Tough times ahead.

    What are your updated percentages on P2 and P3? Meaning you think there's a what percent chance we're in P2 and what percent chance we're in P3? Thanks.

    Herschel Talker

  2. My opinion has changed on Richt now. He's had a month to correct the problem and the showing against a mediocre FL team was more than pathetic. the unis were a joke - NO MORE UNI CHANGES till they attain a #1 ranking again. The blow out loss was a blessing. If they had won, we'd be stuck. Now I'm actually hoping we don't make a bowl game. Tech is gonna kill us. I'm beginning to feel sorry for the kids.

    As for P2/P3 I'm still 75% P3 is here. I just can't get beyond the manipulation theme. I'm intending to do a post showing (with chart) what I think we're in and how I think we churn for a few weeks. As for the top being in I'm 95%. P2 ends in a truncated 5th wave without higher highs.

    Pay attention to the form of the fall. I will be playing the daily indicators up and down with a pot of patience and making sure stops are in place. Patience is key. Let the plays come to you and make sure direction is in your favor.

  3. Shanky:

    Good man. You've finally seen the light. Welcome to the dark side. Richt must go.

    You are the most "bullish" EWaver I read. Everyone else pretty much puts us in P3. Kudos to you for the contrarian take that we may not be.

  4. HT- I just like to keep all the doors open. Gotta keep an open mind to all the possibilities IMO (esp when the markets are manipulated as hell).

    Read the AJC UGA blog it is hilarious.


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