Thursday, November 19, 2009

LOOK Into The Future(s).

Charts are from 11:20 est.

/NG daily - So, you tell me which gap it is after? The yellow box is the fib retracement for this last climb.

DXY 60m - She's got a spike! I'll get interested when that upper green TL goes down.Remember that gap analysis I spoke of today?

/YG - Mini gold 60m - Is that a H&S forming with a 1111 target? If not the retracement zone is the yellow box and the 38% retracement is 1104.You can see the set up for the breakdown I called, now can it get worse?

EUR/USD daily - Nice channel and riding a support line and at resistance. You see the fib retracement box just under support at 1.38. Other support at 1.43. This is an interesting set up.

EUR/JPY daily - Will the green line hold or will the wedge support be in play?

Nothing happening with the e-minis. Down 1.25.