Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My How times Have Changed - Veteran's Day

Boy I hated that last post. It hurt my head. This friggin market action hurts my head. Top, not top, upside, downside, anyone got a gun? Nothing, I mean NOTHING since April in the markets is real. NOTHING. It is all a bunch of manipulated crap which without we'd be a third world country with anarchy and state cessation running rampant. All along I have preached and preached that the market is all they have left between "them" and total meltdown. Amazing how a 401(k) worth half of what it used to be can soothe the soul. Dilution, HA! The sheeple laugh in the face of dilution. We're Americans for goodness sake (uh, dilution, what's that mean?). Get my point? If you don't read on.

Americans, the true Americans, used to understand, respect and value tradition, country, the Constitution and had a load of self respect. Don't you wonder where all that goodness went? I tell you what, give your grandfather a call and ask him. Do it. Do it now. He most likely is a veteran and would love to hear from you. While you are on the phone, thank him for putting his ass on the line for you and your children and tell him this dude Shanky on the net says thanks as well.

First he'll say things were simpler then. We did not have liberals. Everyone was on the same page and those that did not have a job had to get one. Health care was eating an orange a day. If you were sick, you took care of yourself or went to work till you got better. Then he'll say we got good educations and had great work ethics where we learned a trade and mastered it working 80 hours a week if we had to. Then he'll say that the generations not too long before them had to fight for their freedom and raised their children to respect the flag, their country, their parents and their right to freedom. Then hell say, not one kid in this country has ever had to fight for anything (unless they are black/ethnic which is totally different, but respected here). Then he'll come to his senses and really get cranked up bitching about all sort of shit and you'll have no idea what he's talking about. Bottom line is the first 5 minutes was worth it.

My point is that a high majority of American's these days are all a bunch of spoiled, lazy, disrespectful, uneducated, unmotivated individuals cruising thru life with no real purpose of desire to improve anything looking for a handout. I said it! We suck! If we were a football team we'd get our asses handed to us each Saturday. So who is to blame? Blame, ha, that's something else we do a lot of. Blaming others for our troubles passed baseball as our national pastime about 5 years ago.

So, really who is to blame? For sake of time, my fingers and your eyes; we as a people are to blame. No one else. We let it all go. BUT, I am going to try and focus on the governments involvement in this situation and how it relates to today's crisis (the Clift Note's version).

Let's start and end with the availability of easy money. Yeah baby, easy monies. Bling, bling, biatch! If it is plentiful and easy to attain without any effort then what the fuck? I believe the answer is that simple. Credit! Lots and lots and lots of easy credit. Need a TV - no money down and no payments for five years. Need a car? LOL - let's not go there. How bout a house? Fucking A Man Its America. They are giving the shit away. Bring us your poor, starving, huddled masses and we'll give them credit!

UNREGULATED credit backed by derivatives and fancy financial products that no one understands. Who gives a shit? Greenspan is making us all RICH BIACH! Who the fuck are you to get in his way Brooksley Born? Clinton, Summers, Timaaay and the crew (later Bush and his gangstas - now Obama and his possey)  saw/see no need to regulate a damn thing. "The banks will regulate themselves", I believe was the quote of the day.

OK, so that is when we all forgot anything about anything and started saving (oops - we didn't save - scratch that) spending like there is no tomorrow. You see the deadly combination of free money (not so free now was it?) and a bunch of lazy ass, uneducated, "entitled" people is a perfect brew for the banks to make quadrillions. And that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

Entitled, HA. This generation and the one before it ain't entitled JACK SHIT. What the fuck have you (well, not all of you) done other than sit on your ass and bitch? Those that walked before us are the only ones that are entitled anything and the government is fucking them in the ass right now. They fought, built and  made this country great. We have destroyed it. Now that is American ingenuity right there!

Hug a Vet today, tomorrow or next week. Thank them profusely. Then go the mile and have a conversation with one. Hear the stories about how his buddy got blown away next to him in a fox hole, how he spent time away from his family while his kids grew up, let him tell you why he still can't sleep at night or only has one leg, or how he put his ass on the line for the freedom of the world.  Talk to your parents and learn how your grandfather or his buddy DIED frighting for freedom. Listen and absorb every word. They are a dying breed and deserve more respect than any of us know how to give.

This nation better get off its ass and fast before it is gone.