Sunday, November 22, 2009

TNX And The USD - Big Question - Big Deal?

So, which way does the dollar go? Cycle low to new highs or does it inversely react to TNX and plummet?

TNX monthly chart -  TNX fib cycle lows are the blue lines and boxes. It appears to want to retrace to it's top market trendline every 5 to 6 years (black arrows). The black lines and boxes are the dollar fib cycles.

So we have an enormous conundrum. Dollar cycle low combined with TNX cycle low. There is somewhat of an implied inverse relationship (given historical trend data on this chart). I'm voting that the TNX trend continues and that it retraces to its top trendline sometime near 2012 or 2013 and possibly takes out that top trendline. So, What will the dollar do? Cycle low to high or if the inverse move with TNX holds, it crumbles. Tough spot if you ask me.

Given the potential for inflation (shuh, like that is not going to happen) I'd appreciate your insight on the potential up/down scenario I have presented.