Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Doomsday Will Happen!

OK, let's get this straight, Intel Forecast Tops Estimates as PC Market Rebounds (Update1). Yup, green shoot alert! Green shoot alert! Not usre where the heck they think sales are gonna come from. Maybe the combination of a possible cash for computers program to be announced and some QE funds slipping their way are in the forecast. (Note: My family did do it's part puchasing 3 new laptops this last qtr - you know dog eats one and wife and kids pile on.)

So monetization is the thing these days is it? This Is Not The Full Listing Of The Fed's Treasury Monetization Actions You Are Looking For from Zero Hedge succinctly places the CUSIPS so you permabulls can see it plainly. This rally is built on fraud and BS and we are gonna pay for it thru the nose sooner than later.

What's that we can't monetize any more? Yup, they have hit the ceiling and the BS that you read about in the last post, toast, no mas, numca, niet, bubkus. Denninger points out in The Untenable Position of Treasury the only way out. "How Treasury thinks they will be able to continue to do this on "favorable" terms is simply beyond comprehension. Indeed, I'd go so far as to suggest that it is highly likely that there is only one way to avoid a major coupon spike upward - intentionally crash the stock market, just as was done last fall." Did I hear that right? Uh, Karl, they wont intentionally crash it, I believe it will do this on its own (but you way is just fine too!

Dr. Mish. Calling Dr. Mish. Can you save the patient? In Thoughts on the Economy: Problems and Solutions Dr. Mish analyses John Mauldin's thoughts on the economic surgery needed. "Neither the G-20 nor G-7 did anything to address the massive global imbalances. Something critical is going to blow sky high, when and what remains to be seen." Hmmm, blow sky high? I think he meant sink to the depths.

Naked Capitalism has Banks Clamp Down on Small Business Loans, Jeopardizing Jobs. No credit - everything stops - and it will come to a screeching halt IMO.

Gonna go chow down on some sushi, so cutting it short tonight. Look for the morning post. Opex and JPM should make for a nasty concoction tomorrow.

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