Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morning Post - VIX Heavy This AM

Earnings Calendar from Briefing.com for your convenience.

PPI numbers not good. Fears of deflation (LOL - who could not see that one coming CNBS?). AAPL is trading at an all time high? Amazing what greed can accomplish.

Want a good look inside the numbers of this BS manipulated rally? Those of you in denial about the manipulation "theme" need to read this and then get your head examined. From Zero Hedge - The 60% Rally In Perspective. Apparently most beating expectations on declining revenues is a good thing.

Do or die day today as the charts go. SPX has been beating its head against the upper BB all while backtesting the rising wedge. The Daily indicator's upper trendlines on the SPX are being tested. The VIX appears to have bottomed. The triangle target for the last correction on the e-minis has been met in after hours.

The Daily SPX indicators all have divergences and those trendlines set by those divergences must hold IMO.

It is time for 4 of 5 of C of P2 (or the last down wave before the final push to the top). The burning question is will 5 up truncate as I have speculated it would all along. So we get one more earnings pop and then the demise. Folks, earnings are not as good as you might believe. Revenues suck and companies can only cut so much before the truth comes out. That will be in the revisions you hear this quarter. I fully expect a bunch of warnings to come soon.

SPX Daily Indicator Chart - Just look at the indicators and the divergences.

VIX 60m - A nice close up view. Note the RSI divergence.

VIX Daily - Bottomed out with a pretty Long-legged or spinning top Doji indicating some indecision. Note the MACD histogram is flat and may turn up today.

VIX/VXX/VXZ comparison chart - For entertainment purposes only of course.

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