Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rant - Cause I Need It

Just how did we get to this point of total global economic screwedupness? Simple, those mother fuckers that worship power, greed, money and prestige took us down. They fucked not only this nation but the whole global economic system in the name of power and greed.

Guess what? They can't fix the problems either, so now they are in a large, sticky web of lies and deceit that is getting larger and larger. They are covering up shit with more shit and we all know that does not work. Sooner or later the floor under that massive pile of shit is gonna give. Guess who's standing under this huge pile of shit? Yup, you and me baby.

Do we deserve it, hmmmm...., somewhat. We took the bait and ran with it. What the fuck? It was free money and no one seemed to care who had it or where or how they spent it. We consumed and they kept giving us more money to spend. What the fuck was a nation with a negative savings rate and a WHOLE BUNCH OF ENTITLED MORONS to do? (Entitled my ass. What a spoiled ass POS nation we have become.)

Guess who is going to be standing high and dry after the shit falls? Uh, you guessed it. You see, those bastards are taking our money and saving their asses leaving us to pay for the mess. The TBTF and their bonuses, LMFAO. They are saving America. Without them you would have nothing. Go fuck yourself I say to that. You bastards got us here and I'd prefer you rot in hell and pay your penance rather than have anything to do with this "recovery".

The lies and bullshit have to stop. Unfortunately they will, but not because they threw so much shit on the pile that the problem went away, but because that pile of shit and lies is so big and growing at such a pace that no one will be able to dig their way out of this mess. Think of it as a set of dominoes lined up in a gigantic pyramid eternally expanding. The first 10 rows were manageable, but once they kept falling and expanding all control was lost. Systemic risk? Ha, our government and the Fed are it and caused all of it. What a freaking joke.

Mother fuckers. Kiss my ass. Fuck you I say. You took our trust and our money and threw it all away. I don't want to hear any apologies. You bowed to the special interest groups and FUCKED UP ROYALLY. You totally forgot why you are in Washington. You totally PISSED all over the Constitution and put your fucking self ahead of your constituents. If you can explain ANY reason why a group like ACORN is funded or give me a legitimate reason Sarb-Ox was canned, then I may have time to listen, but till then take your freaking lies and bullshit and stick 'em where the sun does not shine.

Hell, it has gotten so bad that the SEC is actually going back to work. Ain't that the shit. The total lack or any form of regulation from our representatives (who needs Sarbanes-Oxley anyway?) is astounding. We need a total overhaul of Washington. Maybe now the smoke screen of Hope and Change (Bush and Clinton are just as much to blame) has cleared and in this next election some real fucking issues will be addressed by real politicians (term used VERY lightly) speaking real truth and with actionable ideas. I won't hold my breath.

Our goose is not totally cooked cause we still got some dirt under our feet. As for everything else you can think of as reality, it may all end soon. Our bankers and the Fed and congress have really FUCKED the whole world and they are gonna get away with it cause WE are bailing them out (not by our choice though). It is time for some real change, and I have a feeling we're gonna let Washington know it before the next election, cause when that pile of shit falls we're all gonna be so pissed they won't be able to ignore us anymore.


I feel better now. Thank you.

For those of you that are new followers/readers to the blog, I apologize for the foul language above. I have to vent and many readers enjoy these. If you see rant in the title you have the option to simply ignore the post cause now you know what's coming.


  1. Thank you Shanky -
    I needed to hear someone else say it -
    Thinking about it does get tiring.
    They have the money - and the media.
    We have doubts, suspicions and charts - BFD.

    This market charade can party into next year,
    but hoping this current pop is the last,
    Google rocket and all.


  2. You rock---don't apologize. What you said is what needs to be said, period! The problem with our apathetic (and ignorant) populace is that they just go about their busy days giving these criminals their money, completely and totally oblivious to what is happening. Until people wake up, EVERYTHING you said in your rant will continue to happen.

    Thank you Shanky, for being a patriot. While I must admit that I am pessimistic about America's future, the fact is unless people like yourself stand up, we definitely have no hope.

  3. I agree with everything you said, except some of us lived simply so others could simply screw the rest of us.... fun.....

  4. did you have too many cocktails? The people who acted responsibly get screwed the most, that's what pisses me off. I'm bailing out a bunch of morons, including the lazy bastards who bought shit they knew they couldn't pay for. Then we go an elect a community organizer who is in waaaaay over his head....The good news is, they are all going to get thrown out on thier ears when the bottom hits and those who have cash will buy all the assets from the morons with debt...I can't wait.

  5. To the poster that asked "Did you have too many cocktails", I agree with you, BUT, be careful because I think you have been listening to that idiot Robert Prechter who is calling for a crash----not going to happen. Gold, Silver, and yes, the worthless companies that make up the U.S. Stock Market will continue driving higher----why? Because your dollar is going into the toilet. Don't listen to Prechter, he is a perma-bear idiot that has destroyed more financial futures of people than ANYONE. Seriously, don't bank on the "buy all the assets" garbage spewing out of Prechter...he has been saying that since the 1987 crash!

  6. its me again, the cocktail poster....I agree, don't follow Prechter at all and in fact don't know much about EWT, however, have trolled the EWT boards to understand what they are thinking/doing....But, rest assured, I'm no follower of him, but we will face deflation pressures that will eventually overwhelm the FED...The dollar is the new carry trade currency, thus the weakness, but that will change when panic comes prediction when...the market will always go much further then you think possible in either direction, its the nature of the beast. But, the debt will be liquidated and that will create great opportunities for those with cash......

  7. Shanky:

    Amen. Bring on P3! Now can we please have a rant against Mark Richt and the pathetic state of UGA football?

    Herschel Talker

  8. Thanks for all the comments. No cocktails, just me. I prefer to be happy on cocktails.

    To the last Anon - I use EWT as one of many tools. Honestly, I find it best used as a accurate way to describe where the market is at any point in time, not as a predictor. It does have it's moments. As for the impending crash. It will happen. 100% convinced of that. To what degree? I believe it will at least test the last lows if not worse. I'll just keep trading the daily indicators up and down as they peak and bottom. Simple, but very profitable. Removes emotion from the equation.

  9. Its cocktail poster again...I guess I'm the moron since I fail to understand the predictive value of EWT when as far as I can tell no one seems to agree at any moment what the count is, and its always about, well let's see what tomorrow brings and see what happens, then the count on earth would you trade that? It seems to me that nothings clear until its already happened...But, I'm impressed if you are "very profitable"...I will say though, of all the EWT sites I monitor, you seem to make the most sense....

  10. Hey Shankster, You think this is bad, wait till you find out what has been pledged against the new loans from (guess who owns the dirt under your feet now) China? Chinese money lenders are not the bigger fools they pretend to be. I suspect Hill and Tim recently made a bad deal, and soon they will try to take our guns away. We think we pay taxes to live free in the land of liberty, but truth be told, we actually now pay rent to live here in what used to be our good old USA.

    Thanks Shanky, Ranting never made me feel better, only worse. God Bless America.

  11. Anon - "I use EWT as one of many tools. Honestly, I find it best used as a accurate way to describe where the market is at any point in time, not as a predictor." EWT is a good way to communicate the exact position of the market and that is about it. I use TA primarily and then sprinkle in a little EWT to describe the markets position or direction. Who the heck has time to count all those squiggles and then only have a slight chance of getting it right? It has failed soooooooo many times since I started following it 2 years ago. When you apply TA first THEN ewt it works much better LOL. One thing is 100% for sure about EWT, they always get it right after the fact.


  12. Hershel - Can't rant on the bulldogs. Um, how do I put is too close to the action. Way too close. I know Vince very well and have met Mark several times. I'll comment on it, but nothing more. Email if you want to know more.

  13. Shanky,

    Thank you very much


  14. Ok Shanky havent read your blog in a bit..... Ive been busy

    WTF happened Bro?

    Did you margin out and lose all you dough???

    Sounds like you snapped Bro

    Take a deep breath

    We all know its BS, we all know the machines run the markets

    Trade it, profit from it and take the profit and buy gold......


    A friend

  15. I completely agree. Its getting downright evil.

    The Chinese government realizes our financial system and government cannot be trusted. They have decided to default on their contracts knowing we have understated their counterparty risk. what will domestic and foreign investors do when they share the same sentiment. boom!


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