Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Great Expanding Diagonal (with Gaps!)

Ok, don't confuse this chart with someone from Alabama's grille. There are more gaps here than Billy Bob's mama's got teeth! (I can say that being from the south).

What a better way to blow off this top than with a massive EXPANDING DIAGONALLLLLL (echo). Or, HEY it's football season, why not a MEGAPHONE! LOL, this is just funny as hell (NOT). I'm thinking we may actually be in a 3 of a 3 right now. Whoa! What wus that thud? Awwww, that's nuttin honey, just Uncle Benny thumpin the dollar one last time in the back room. Pay no tention to it.

Hey, my puter just said it dun ran out er .... yeller ink!

This is some stuff I'm ponderin. Cause that's whut we do down here. I'd be surprised if it crosses the bear market top trendline, but whay the hey? You know, anything is possible. Pigs are even flying down here these days.

(Is anyone else tired of moving fibs up like me????)

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