Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Turn Or Bust?

UPDATE: I got stopped out. Ain't this something? Hey, had to give it a very small shot. I'm long a smidge from the /ES trendline bust of the upper trendline at 1047. Waiting on the daily S Sto and the 60m RSI to do their think before I get in over my ankles.

OK - 1051 nut cutting time. I have done a great job getting us to here, now does it turn or bust?

DXY 1m - at LT top trendline

DXY daily

EUR/USD at support line

SPX 60m - No divergence yet but RSI is bottoming. At support line.

SPX daily - at 50ma and 61.8% retracement and took out the gap. S sto is not turning yet and this chart is the only one that looks like there is more weakness to come.

E-mini - UPDATE - Minis just filled the GAP!

I'm looking for long plays. I expect at leasat a backtest of the black trendline in the daily chart if the turn happens here. If it continues to go down, I'm stuck here with my willie in my hands. The alt targets from this am will be in play - the daily lower bb and the 38% fib.

GL out there.

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