Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'll have to update (gladly for once) a whole bunch of charts and get a game plan together. For those of you that missed Kenny's day today, go read the thread. It was sensational all day. UGA v FL world's largest outdoor cocktail party this weekend. I think the dawgs have a chance.

Have a happy and safe halloween!

OK - Just one Spooky chart

Monthly SPX - RSI could not get to the 50 line and is reversing and price closed below the 20ma. See that lower black wedge support line? Spoooooky isn't it?


  1. shank,

    what a week

    kenny's blog was awesome all day

    ot; what do you think about ung her
    some had called for wave 2 retracement to 10 area befor a 3 wave launch, what say you

    great job as always


  2. mike - let me dig around a little and get back to you. I'll either get a post up or answer back here. K's site was fun today. Many more like that to come I hope.


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