Thursday, October 1, 2009

/ES Now - Testing The Bottom - PPT Anyone?

UPDATE - On the chart in the above post you can see at this point the rally back to the top of the channel, then the PPT decided to hang it up.


  1. I wonder if PPT dabbles in /ES?

    My profile is finally looking green today.

  2. This ticked me off--I had 103.4 as my trigger point on SPY to exit some condor-related positions, and then it bounces right back up. I guess I have to allow a quarter point of movement below support rather than a tenth...

  3. losershot - I chart all indexes, I mostly do the /ES cause of the pre-market actions and the morning post. It is very telling IMO, but must look at all of them. They ALL (dow, nas, tran...) cracked their lower P2 trendlines BUT the /ES today. Hmmmmmm.....

    Tyson - tough call to nail the accuracy in these waves. Transition from bull to bear market not so smooth. I like your SPY Options site. Good stuff there. You must do well.


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