Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lou Dobbs Gets It Right

Please give this a listen. It is time to ask questions.

"We're in a battle for the soul of this nation."


  1. Just to mention and complementary your rants; I've received from CNBC, which I did'nt know I was subscribed to, a letter in which they offer an invitation to join them by payment for unique (5) share tips and investor tips to make my dream come true.

    I shouldn't doubt than , do I

  2. Thanks Anon. LMAO - did not know you were being spied on and they want you to PAY them for stock tips? Both sound like A) bad things and B) should be illegal.

    On the stock picks - They will encourage the sheeple to buy their picks and parade the right "analysts" through your tv set to convince the morons (the few that still watch CNBS, the really dumb ones) that they are "good" investments to pump their advertisers. LOL I could go on and on with this one, but CNBS is not worth a full rant. They just suck.

  3. I agree with Lou, and I am Hispanic. But, should we as Americans be waisting out time worrying about some immigrants crossing our borders, or should be worried about the nationalized thieves that are stealing the nation? I mean, where was Lou when Bush was destroying the nation? This is amazing and almost unbelievable. I really see any difference between this garbage and American idol. Come on people, wake the f*ck up.


  4. Uh, I vote thieves first. If we fix the thieve problem then maybe the illegal issue wont be such a big deal.


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