Thursday, October 15, 2009

Might Be An Active Day On The Blog

I'll be short as a mofo if we can get thru the bue and yellow dashed (with tight stops of course). Opex will get ya. Careful out there. I am still in cash.


  1. As of yesterday, I'm starting to see individual stocks moving differently than indexes. Indexes ,of course, keep going up. but some stocks are posting 2% drops. If I was the Fed and had less money to manipulate markets, I would focus on the stocks in the major indexes. Or have GS Analysts upgrade those stocks.

  2. Disconnect is starting to happen as it will prior to earnings. Opex is screwing with things as well. GS is out of upgrades I think. Really tough time right now. I'm in cash till next week.

    How's the TA book?


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