Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ever Had A Puppy Eat Your Keyboard?

guessing where keys are to type - wife got the two new computers she wanted anyway this afternoon - no post tonight while i set up two new machines - just doing our part to support the economy - got two new hps cause i suspect that dell may be out of business in a year or so - when i get new machine up and running i may expand on this great find - little bastard is gonna be shitting out keys for weeks wonder what that is gonna cost me - Spencer the 12 week old son of Winston my cavalier king charles spaniel is proving to be a little more than we bargained for

gl trading


  1. Poor doggy, it look so sad, like someone beat up the dog or something. :-(

  2. hmmm....the first time a dog ate your homework virtually? ;)


  3. He was only trying to type "feed me, and not some of that bargain basement dried chicken shit stuff you've been putting in my bowl you tightwad bastard."

    Check the missing keys, this message lines up perfectly.

  4. awwww.
    maybe your dog was a bear, and got mad when the market rallied and bit off the keys ?


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