Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Video Pleasure with Some Pics As Well

This oldie but goodie that you have most likely seen, but it is always worth a second look. If you have not seen it, I hope you enjoy it. This is real media, not that staged crap you see every day. This is IMO typical of the voting base that put our lovely administration in office. I also added the South Park "and it's gone" vid in the column on the right. I'll be updating charts on the "old" computer this weekend. Stockcharts help rant is overdue and so are some other rants. Good chance a top is in, but I'm not promising anything yet. Like I say, I'd much rather get it right and miss the top.

Have a great weekend!

Leprechaun in Mobile, Al

Border Control

Think about it -

I thought this was funny -


  1. Shankster, if the day job does not work out I bet you could make a fortune doing stand-up! Your warm-up act can be the puppy eating the computer!!!

    It would be a gas to know how many cars were turned in for the CASH 4 CLUNKERS WELFARE SCAM with OBAMA/Biden bumperstickers . . . .

  2. Hilarious video. Reminds me of the "BIMM HY BART PCT" joke...which, unfortunately, I can't repeat for political correctness reasons. But definitely the core demographic group the administration is counting on. The way things are going, they'll be the only group left in his corner in 3-4 mos., IMO

  3. chris - thanks, i have always wanted to do stand up just once. not many cars with o/b bumperstickers cause none of their voters can afford cars. they were all bussed to the priecincts to vote.

    thawk - email me the joke please. agree- that group will be the only ones left, but unfortunately the may make up a majority.

    thanks for the views and comments - have a great weekend!


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