Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mish on Alex Jones

What is this world coming to? Mish, one of the heroes of this great debacle man of trusted opinion and sound reasoning, is appearing one the world's greatest conspiracy fanatic's (Alex Jones) radio show? Something ain't right here.

Maybe the "something ain't right" part is just why he is there. We all know Mish. The guy is on my "sights must visit daily list". One of the few deliverers of the truth. I have two opinions on Mish's appearance on AJ's show 1) he's just trying to build viewers (which I highly doubt, but he does plug his site a couple of times) or 2) he's really scared about what the hell is going on and wants to spread the word. I think option 2 is it. We're really screwed and he's doing his part to get the word out to the audience that gets it (exponentially).

Part one -

Part two -

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