Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Bang (on) Meredith

All pile on. Make it a gang bang. MW made a great call today and I believe she will be right on both counts. The up part is the easy call. How the fuck GS is gonna fall will be the miracle part. The only problem I have with her speaking this way is that she gave CNBS a shit pot load of green shoot fertilizer to spew from their mountain top that will be Crameresque (misleading) to the general public.

First I'll refer you to a meaningless and dry post from the WSJ covering her statements on CNBS today. In Analyst Meredith Whitney Bullish on Goldman you get, "However, Ms. Whitney said her bullish view of Goldman is rooted in her overall bearish outlook for the U.S. economy and other U.S. financial companies. During an interview on the financial network CNBC on Monday morning, she said the U.S. unemployment rate could reach 13% and remain elevated beyond 2010, and that most banks likely aren't prepared for prolonged joblessness at that level. The U.S. unemployment rate reached 9.5% in June. She said that bank stocks will be good buys in the short-term due to a robust mortgage business, but that the longer-term outlook for most banks was grim."

Fing brilliant! It is gonna go up and then down, so we are going to put a buy rating on GS. WTF is that all about? Well, dear readers I actually agree. We're talking about Government Sachs. The most insider oriented brokerage (oops - bank holding company) on the planet. She's right on the up first. How much fing money do you think GS made using our tax money in conjunction with their "supposed" market manipulation software? How have GS's earning been effected thru accounting manipulation allowing "specific" assets to be placed off balance sheets? How bout that "lost" quarter? She's exactly right. The government nor the fed will never cut off their right arm, not the company that supplies a vast majority of their higher placed employees.

Denninger takes some shots at MW in Merideth Whitney: The Internet NEVER SLEEPS. For once I have to agree to disagree with my buddy Karl. Karl is right in his argument, but he totally misses the point (as most P3ers do regularly and I did for the longest time as well). It is not time yet for the great collapse. The P3. The big crap. The monster fucking we'll all take when the market really shits on its self. "Our government's policy of looking the other way on blatant accounting farces through FASB changes, refusing to force banks to mark defaulted loans at the current market value of the underlying asset and outright handouts of taxpayer money through AIG as a conduit is outrageous, and worse, it guarantees that the economy will not and cannot recover as the debt still remains in the system!" . BINGO! Karl, you are right, BUT this bullshit manipulation has to work its way thru the trade. All things in good time Karl (buddy).

It took some time, but I have given into the fact that real TA nor EWT counts really work well at all right now. Fundamental analysis is dead. This fing market is running IMO on rotten analyst ratings, accounting scams and any other fing manipulative bullshit technique they can use to keep it afloat. Of course GS is gonna go up. You really freaking think they are gonna post a bad number or give weak guidance? I'll be surprised as hell if they do. In fact, you can draw and quarter me tomorrow at 9:00 if they do.

Ask yourself, who the hell is behind the depressed estimates and buy ratings? We've relieved ourselves, although inadvertintley, of the vast majority of the brokerages that were not part of the "club" and thus the gang can all get together to pump up the buy ratings and "take advantage" of this earnings trough. At the worst time in history when these holding companies need income in the worst way, you actually think they are going to do something that would not spurn a buying spree? Get real dude. They are in the business of pumping and pushing product. BUY AMERICA baby!

HA! Here is where the problem lies. They have dug their own hole and unintentionally will release the doom and gloom. Unless they come up with a "super buy" rating or for the KMart shoppers a "blue light special" on aisle 2, they can't pump these things up any more. I mean really, who the fuck is gonna put a buy rating on any freaking retailer (or insert any sector here _____) in the worst economic downturn since the great depression. Give me a fing break. Also, the banks manipulated BS earnings will collapse one day (sooner than later). IMO either this quarter or next will be the last before the shit hits the fan.

Folks it is all a bunch of bullshit and the house of cards will come crumbling down GUARANTEED here at Shanky's site. P3 will occur. The moronic and manipulated analysts will be eating crow. I'm sure most of you know my call from my Shanky's State Of the Charts Post. Option one is up then down. See, MW is just catching up with your buddy Shanky. She lags.

Both Karl and MW are right. Up then down. Even GS will crumble one day (not sure how, but it will). Just be patient P3ers and permabears. Be patient and don't bang on MW too hard.


  1. Goldman sold their own stock to the public at 124 or so through a stock offering. If they thought it was undervalued at that level, they would have waited. Clearly it was overvalued. GS is a sell -- Goldman themselves say so.

  2. Anon - Good call - I forgot about dilution mania pump and dump. You gotta wonder who all the suckers were that bought up all the banks at those levels and time.

  3. Yes, by all means a gnag bang is necessary. The little slut deserves it! Ship her to Turkey, take her passport, and leet her start servicing two muzzies at the same time each night so she learns what it means to have responsibility. When she comes back with larger orifices maybe she'll keep her big, fat ass mouth shit...if she is able to close it!


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