Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ZeroHedge, Our Light In Dark Times Here In The Matrix (A Shanky Rant)

The bullshit fucking government and media crap that we must endure day after day so we can save the fucking republic. All for what? So we can be oppressed by the banksters and the manipulators that are gathering every ounce of wealth left in this turnip we somehow still call America.

This post was going to be about should you continue to invest in this market given the recent light (Q beam) shined on the "possible" market manipulation that has been occurring. I have trashed it because the answer is plain and simple. You are a FUCKING MORON if you invest in this market. Government Sachs and the PPT are out of the bag.

Sure, most of us have (well, most of us after going thru a "trouble stage" figured out that the market can defy reality and gravity) made money and will continue to (at reduced rates of return with greater risk), but if you believe that you can invest and make money in this rigged and manipulated market be my freaking guest.

Some screwy song goes - Chicago, Chicago, blah, blah, blah. Is it a wonder that the greatest CRIMINAL market scam in history involves Chicago? The most wonderful state where the Governor has a better chance of winding up in jail than getting hit by lightning? The home of our current president I might add (which I think will come into play big time before this story ends).

This to me (and every other sane person) this reeks of corruption and IMHO will be buried at the highest level with GS getting their proprietary "market manipulation" software back and everyone else ( especially any whistle blowers) winds up in jail.

For those green shooter sheeple readers that have blasted me in the past in comments or via email about my suspicions of market manipulation and their effects on the market dig this quote from assistant U.S. Attorney Facciponte, "“The bank has raised the possibility that there is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate markets in unfair ways,” Facciponti said, “The copy in Germany is still out there, and we at this time do not know who else has access to it.” So what the fuck was GS possibly doing with it in the first place? Duh? Bueller? Bueller?

I'm not going to rehash all of ZeroHedge's fine work. No one can. ZH is the beacon of truth that exists because of free enterprise and the rights under the Constitution (at least the ones still left that the current and formar administrations have not trashed). ZH, a little website on the net has out scooped and out reported every major media provider except Reuters that broke the story.

I ask, how is it a 4 person group on the net can out report the MILLIONS of reporters and "experts" paid millions of dollars with all the resources and connections in the world? How? The support of millions of intelligent informed readers that have all come together for a common good. Yet, "how" may be the wrong question. WHY, may be the right question.

Why? Simply because they are NOT CONTROLLED by Immelt or Murdoch or the government. They are not part of "the game". They are not a bunch of overpaid talking heads hell bent on promoting the bullshit lies and agendas of the elite. They are the rogue player that shows up at the pick up game and kicks every ones ass. The outsider that is not a member of the club that actually out smarts the hell of the insiders.

That begs the question, is ZH actually out smarting or out reporting the big boys? Well, in reality they are kicking every ones ass at this point. Most likely this potential reality IMO of market manipulation has been known by many in the club but never spoken or brought to light with any fervor for fear of being banished to the Siberian front for not toating the hard line of their task masters. No fear of a CLM at ZH. That's the difference.

One would wonder that if the property stolen could lead to such market manipulation then why the hell has this not made the headlines in every paper or TV report on the planet? Why are the reporters not digging into this with the speed and diligence they attacked the Michael Jackson death story? It really should make you begin to question the reality of everything here in the Matrix.

A bigger question may be, why is GS not shut down at this point? Right here, right now? For God sakes the Assistant U.S. Attorney says this program could lead to "market manipulation". What the hell? I have said again and again that the value of the stock and bond markets was all the administration had left during this credit crisis to keep the sheeple from totally going ballistic. So GS manages the market and Bernanke manages the bond side. It's all fucking manipulated bullshit, and if you don't see it now then you never will.

I thank TD and the ZH crew for their seismic efforts to expose the truth and bring this once great democracy back to (or at least as close as possible that 4 people and some computers can) its former respectable self. With out them and the many others in the blogosphere where would we be?

Please read ZH every day and become informed. Support their efforts of restoring the democracy. Read the blogs. Don't just listen to the bullshit being spewed by the talking heads. Hell, support all efforts of restoring decency and respect to our nation. If you just keep sitting on your ass and do nothing about it, then we're all fucked. So please get involved. Do something, for time is running out.

Sorry this is not the best written post I have done, it was hurried and done while on vacation, so please forgive the plethora of grammatical issues in this post.

Update: I should include and unfortunately failed to mention in no specific order Mish, Prag Cap, Naked Cap, The Market Ticker and The Big Picture as other wonderful resources of truth on the web. All links can be found in my blogroll.


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  2. Spot on Shanky. Markets looking to tank nicely. 450 on the S&P and 4,500 for Dow ought to flip a few folks out.

  3. Shanky:

    Your link to the new ZH blog has an extra "http" in it and isn't working.


  4. dood, I wicked love ya!! Mad props from the hinterlands!

  5. good post shanky...keep it up!

    links for zh:

    the original at zerohedge.blogspot.com

    new website at zerohedge.com

  6. Shanky,

    So, GS and the government now argue to the court that GS's stolen code could be used to manipulate the markets. But of course, GS, which invented the code, has NEVER manipulated the markets. No, not GS. Although GS is hell-bent on making profits, GS would NEVER misuse such a POWERFUL code to make increased profits. GS has iron-clad integrity. Even though the TEMPTATIONS are great, numerous, and frequent to misuse the code for ill-gotten gains, GS has NEVER done so. GS has super-human self-restraint -- unlike all those other bad, bad banksters whose reckless, uncontrolled greed has wrecked every economy in the world! But GS is the sole exception, the Golden Child, whom everyone can trust and always believe. GS ALWAYS uses its POWER and WEALTH for good and NEVER for evil, for the good of our nation and our world, and NEVER for the good of only GS. So even though GS's code can be misused to manipulate the markets, everyone can be GLAD that GS invented it because the code was only used for good by GS. The code is a good thing, when used for good by good GS. Now the code must be returned to only GS so that bad, bad men do not manipulate the markets. If the code is returned to only GS, all will be well again, and all of us can return to our normal state of calm and trust and belief in the goodness of GS, the fairness of the markets, and peace and prosperity in this best of all possible worlds. Ahhhh. Fairy tales always make me feel so cozy and drowsy. I think I'll just go back to sleep now. Good night.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll get the ZH link fixed. Still on vacation, so not really able to dig and get some more vital info out. I believe this GS thing may have pused me over the edge and more rants are to come. Hell, how can you not want to rant with all the crap going on. Thanks again to all. GL trading.

  8. I didn't know there was a "fair" way to manipulate the markets. I'd like to know more about that angle.


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