Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Better Turn Soon - Or Else Something Is Really Wrong

NO! I am not showing that it is OVER, but to those that have been comparing "this bottom to that bottom" blah, blah, blah sure looks like you can make a great case that the bottom is in looking at the monthly chart.

Point of this is with the dailys and 60m topping out and the weeklys beginning to roll over, then the trendlines on the monthly indicators just may hold. It is gonna take some serious whipsaws in some of these indicators to make the turn in time. The VIX falling wedge ending pattern would confirm the turnaround suspicions as well.

(Disclosure - GS and the manipulators will take the market wherever they want to and TA nor EWT nor fundamentals works anymore so all this might not mean jack. Also - my target for "option 1" call looks like total crap on this chart. Not giving up on it yet. Note GS came out with a target of 1060 today for SPX - Uh, Shanky has been at 1050 for quite some time now as his target. First MW copying my shit and now GS? This is a great compliment and to have "THE" market manipulator agree with my target is quite the compliment - especially when I was over a month ahead of their call.)

For those asking for a UNG update, I have updated charts, but have not come to any definitive conclusions. I did find this interesting article on nat gas and oil prices. I'll post on UNG soon.

Still digesting comments on the new look. I'm not all that stoked about it either. Might change again soon. I mainly want something wider than the old format. If anyone would like to send me a suggestion it would be appreciated - email in top right.

Still struggling with SC support to get the new computer to allow me to annotate charts, so my time to update charts has become severely limited. I'm not happy. Sorry.

Thanks for the views and comments. GL trading!

Chart Link For better Viewing

Chart Link For better Viewing


  1. Shankster -- Congrats on this new site. If considering changing again - fine. As long as you don't go back to the old site! It was impossible to fully connect!

    As far as GS stealing your call, they are used to stealing ... but have at least given a hint of how far they will push it in this wave... if you trust it. f

  2. Don't fret, dog. I have already informed GS that the market will top in the week of the 2oth. And they have learned their lesson about messing with Kenny from past Kenny Dots [TM].

    I did forget to tell them what month. Doh!

  3. Thanks FF, I even had one of those "shut down" moments on the new template. Just need to get my ass to a .com and pff blogger.

    Is that a Kenny sighting? I pitty the fool that messes with the K dot (tm), LOL.


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