Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Morning Charts 04/01/14 SPX /es

You do realize that yesterday we had several major announcements without them really being announced? Reading between the lines and deciphering Fed speak and the propaganda that's being delivered via any available source has become all to easy. 

What we were (inadvertently or not) told by Yellen yesterday was that everything that they've done over the past five years has been a complete and utter failure. They said without saying that they've created a monster that can not be slayed and must be fed (no pun intended) an endless amount of money to survive. We were told if this beast dies, so does everything along with it. 

We were also told the markets were rigged as well yesterday. Ho hum is the reaction to that.

Of course none of this is new to STB readers. I believe we were given the game over speech yesterday. Throw in the towel. The goose is cooked. Get used to it cause this is the way it's gonna be like it or not - and the markets cheered!

You see Denial, it's not a river in Egypt. Look at it this way - if some public school child thought Denial was the right answer, and that child had his self esteem lowered because he wanted it to be that way, then they'd change the answer on the test so he'd be right. Ho hum, again. 

Wait, we can't have cheating, steroids or drugs in sports, but they are just fine for major markets? There is no "hard way" anymore. There are no morals left. Every child gets a trophy. Every market must always go up. Every democrap libtard illegal immigrant voter gets a free phone, home, healthcare and all the friggen trophies they can pack into the back of their brand new Escalade with spinning rims. 

For goodness sake - yesterday was the deadline to sign up for an unconstitutional, illegal national healthcare system that feeds off the young which is destroying the current healthcare system that is impossible to sign up for - REALLY?

The entitled have won. We can't go back. We've gone beyond the point of no return. OMG things are sooooo fucked up. I seriously hope you know that you need to be preparing for the worst, cause it's coming like a freight train. 

On to the lie - 

Complete breakdown was given in yesterday's post. 

Minis 60m - inside the rising pink channel is the falling blue channel - we're hitting the upper resistance of that now at 1870, the key point I was discussing yesterday. Above are 74, 80, 87 and then the round level.

This is all so stupid. 

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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