Thursday, April 10, 2014

Morning Charts 04/10/14 SPX /es Youth, Voting and Chance

Well we've been discussing the modern American - the ignorant, the unwilling, the ostrich, the self-absorbed, the deniers ...... the sheeple - here for years at STB. Unrelenting, we've lambasted and discussed their slumber. We've hammered their extreme complacency. We've exposed their being raped (sans KY) and loving it, but what's happened recently is a bit of a surprise. We've been fortunate to have seen some sort of transformation in the sheeple over the past year or so.

The Stunning Metamorphosis Of An "Obama Girl" has inspired me this morning. The metamorphosis of youth, a truly special moment. So young and impressionable. It's very gratifying to see a youngster (yours or another) have a moment of awakening. Lord knows these moments are few and far between with kids these day, so let's take the small victories and run with them shall we? 

Carey in the  video woke up to the fact that she'd basically been date raped (my words there) by Obummer back in 2008. She figured out that she'd been bold faced lied to by the man (term used very loosely - jury still out on that) that would lead America out of the worst recession in decades. 

Yes, the youth - the ones that have been saddled with a trillion dollars of student debt, that will not have jobs or an economy to graduate into to pay for their student loans and will not be able to qualify to buy a home because of said student debt and have had their futures mortgaged so we all can live the high life today - are finally waking up.

These are the same students and young Americans that are supposed to be the backbone of the Obamacare system (now the ACA since he is trying desperately to remove his name from the greatest fuck up in political history). These kids have been saddled with the greatest financial burden any generation has ever seen and they've been left an economy that is in shambles and they are supposed to pay for this shit as well? That's right Carey, fuck that! I hear ya sister.

I distinctly remember a discussion I had with a reverend ski instructor in Crested Butte back in 1998 about my questions or reservations about having children one day. Yes, I've been a bear/realist that long. Well, I obviously had two the readers of STB well know. Kids are awesome. They rock, but the world they are inheriting does not. 

Middle school is great. Just this week LS1 (13 yrs) had a report due on what he'd learned about voting, its importance and what problems remain with it today. What evolved from this paper was an eye opening family discussion where we tried to answer the question from what he'd been taught in the textbook but could not apply this to reality. What my 13 year old learned was that even though you vote the electoral college in many states makes the ultimate decision. He learned about vast voter fraud. He learned about voter ID laws. He learned about campaign finance/fraud and how who has the biggest coffers wins. He learned that even though someone may win the popular vote they may not win the election. He learned a lot of shit I wish I knew going into the polls fort he first time.

I seriously think the teacher was looking for discrimination still existing since Jim Crow laws and all that (which does exist to a degree, but I quickly dispelled noting they buss people in from Timbuktu to vote at multiple precincts), but that's not what she got. We were not about to let our impressionable youngster be bamboozled into the lesser, easy, never ending discrimination debate. Since we now have a black president can we end this please? We wanted him in the here and now. We pulled back the veil and let him have it. He's learned that he better get his butt to the polls and pay attention to who and what he's voting for.

The youth are waking up. This is good, cause if they don't we're all really screwed. They better figure this out and fast. They better vote correctly (if that's even possible, cause more than often the choice is just the lesser of two evils). Hmmm, I wonder if Carey has heard of a man named Ron Paul and his revolution. I bet she (and many others) are seriously regretting not voting for him about now. 

On to the lie - 

Minis 4hr - Pretty simple, sitting smack dab in the middle of my red rising wedge of death. Backtesting the busted pink channel support at upper blue channel resistance at 1866 support/resistance. A triple whammy of resistance in an overbought worthless POS market in the middle near the end of the rising wedge that spells nothing but doom when it fails. This is an exceptional point for a reversal off a failed retracement. This is exactly the type of point I hope to nail to call the top. This is the type of entry point where the money is made. 

All that said, you are dealing with a rigged POS market that no longer follows any rules but the ones they set daily. These once technical milestone points now get obliterated by the PPT, HFT and any other method they have at their disposal. One day (think STB "event") we'll have our moment in the sun (and the extreme days of darkness will soon follow), but till then follow the Fed.  Remember, check your brains at the door each morning. You will not need them. They will only get in your way during the day.

More to come below. 

Masters begins today! What a glorious time and place. 

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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