Friday, April 11, 2014

Morning Charts 04/11/14 SPX /es

Thanks to computer issues this AM, the post I wanted to deliver this morning will have to wait. Sorry. 

Let's just say if you can't feel the end is near you got issues. 

On to the lie -  

Yesterday I said, "A triple whammy of resistance in an overbought worthless POS market in the middle near the end of the rising wedge that spells nothing but doom when it fails. This is an exceptional point for a reversal off a failed retracement. This is exactly the type of point I hope to nail to call the top. This is the type of entry point where the money is made. "

The results were pretty good, and that was after discussing that resistance point at length in the commentary Wednesday. You have to read the comment section. There the community does an awesome job of discussing what's going on, and I give much more specific detail. TA works, and I still think TA will get it right in the end - which is near. 

Weekly SPX - Just see the yellow boxes. That should be all the time that is left.

Monthly SPX - See yellow boxes.

I'll get into the minis below. We had a slight disaster last night. I told you to be patient and wait to consider getting long today (it you were) and let EU and Asia and the dust settle.

Have a good weekend.

GL and GB!

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