Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Morning Charts 04/29/2020 SPX

Q went on a post frenzy last night. All sorts of good stuff. I still contend he’s got to have open prosecutions before he’s re-elected. I also believe he is a true non establishment outsider. Could it all be the greatest act ever? Sure. You can’t discount anything, cause nothing is real. He can not get re-elected or (fingers crossed) they will all go to jail. Trump’s second term is gonna be a shit show politically, and they’ll fight him with another virus or worse. They will destroy the country before ceding power to good.  We’re at war.

The Orwellian nightmare is happening. They’re dumbing us down via the education system . They censor the truth They silence, ban, fire, take down, take away those speaking the truth. They unconstitutionally make you stay in your home. Everything is escalating rapidly.

TuNe’s post yesterday was amazing. A pentagon briefing about releasing an virus to make us all compliant via altering our dna. Ya can’t make this shit up.

Oh, I almost forgot!! Disclosure has happened and no one noticed.

And all sorts of other awakenings are occurring.

Good vs evil. Pick your side.  Well, if that’s possible... if your dna was not altered to make you compliant, you were educated properly, you were not lied to by the msm, or your media sources were not silenced all while being unconstitutionally held in your own home.

On to the lie -

See the above for why years ago I began calling it the lie. Nothing but a distraction.

What do the charts say? Does it matter? Truth will have to prevail in all the above issues for charts to matter. When/if that happens, the charts will get it right I believe. Then everything shits the bed.

There are instances where price is technically following some guidelines. The recent 60m ma interactions are really good. Those short term daily, string a few together - nothing crazy, calls have been easy. As for reality vs movement? Ha! NOTHING HAS TO HAPPEN. Check your brain at the door each morning. It’s all rigged. It’s a big show. A huge distraction.

So here at another somewhat critical moment or juncture, ya think the shorts get it up the backside again? Reading their counter moves to what appears to be an obvious bearish technical set up has been the best way to read market movements. When their in a bullish mood of course.

Technically, old school that is, SPX 60m double top, 4x neg div with overthrow, support diagonal cracked, at resistance - if enough shorts are in line to get slaughtered looks like a great spot for another improbable breakout. This shit is whacked AF.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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