Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Morning Charts 04/07/2020 SPX

And then, all of a sudden, it was gone? But, but, but, worst week ever?  Bazillions are gonna die? We need masks and ventilators NOW, still, uh ... Trumps bad! The fucking hysteria we allowed ourselves to get whipped up into in a matter of weeks is embarrassing. Nope, not gonna rant again today. Just gonna say that we’re a world of sheeple. To a degree, we must rely on the system we developed, but to bow to it the way we did or were forced to was eye opening given the questionable facts of the situation. It’s a fucking bio weapon.

I may be wrong about this recent bout with the Wu Flu ending, but it feels like it’s been over for a few weeks. I also agree with those that think they had it back in December.

Thanks to those picking up my slack below on government over everything. Maybe I’m tired of bitching about it? Again, we all here saw it coming. I’m forced to stick with my ‘Trump is our last Hope mantra, and if re-elected he then takes the deep state out back and whips their ass’. If not, zombie apocalypse is next.

On to the lie -

Like I’ve chirped, the movement on the 60m charts has been a technical masterpiece. Amazing to see price interact with the MAs and retracements. Welcome the daily 20ma to the show. It was pierced yesterday within what looks like a big ol boner with a mission to pound some bear market ass. Remember when I was talking A,B,C and a 4K move up to 25k last week? The 60m 200ma gets passed this morning. Bullish much? New MA support will be established here.

WARNING: Objects may not be as rosy as they appear. The possibility this is a B move of a massive ABC move south is still there. What if scenarios are insane. Worst case China and USA quit trading and possible war emerges? The deep state has many tricks left - and they only get bigger. For now, make hay bitches.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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