Thursday, April 9, 2020

Morning Charts 04/09/2020 SPX

They should be teeing off at Augusta this morning 😡

What the ever living F?  The Dems want us all dead. They want total control. What the hell is SF literally boarding up? What do they think is coming? What are they prepping for? Total chaos? What do they know in Pelosi’s district that we don’t?

The new Q stuff asks good questions and points the finger squarely at this all being a DS FF. as well as pointing out their agenda (and how sick they truly are). I’ll again warn that when this fails, what comes next will be truly astounding. They will literally burn everything down rather than lose to freedom. Good vs evil. It’s gone biblical. This is war.

On to the lie -

Short term charts say weakness is coming. That little double top formation yesterday has some strong negative divergence with it. Now we may get to play the game of where is the support? If the ma’s hold, as it would suggest, this fall shouldn’t be that bad. On the other hand, what if the 123 down is finished with 2 up now, and it’s about to puke up a second lung? What’s it gonna be? Have we flattened and are coming out the back or not?  If so, buy now. If not buy ammo.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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