Thursday, April 16, 2020

Morning Charts 04/16/2020 SPX

Martial Law, food shortages next exit ... I think we’re nearing our destination. Hopefully we make a quick left and get off this road to destruction. Think those checks were well timed? Gotta make sure folks got enough money to pay their mortgage and the banks for whatever they’re owed.

Check out ZH. Little more than their standard doom and gloom this morning.

I remain in the camp where this all ends and we as a nation come out better than we went in. Only reason I say that is Trump is leading and not a politician. I could be 100% wrong here. You know me. My spots don’t change. I’m a 100% doom and gloomer. It’s just in this case I believe we get one more shot at glory before they destroy everything. If not .. GG bitches.

They’re showing all their cards. They’re possibly playing their final hand. They’ve gone all in. If we win this on the river card ... how sweet would that be. If not I believe a revolution would be quickly quelled as they’d simply spray us with something even worse next time. All the guns and ammunition won’t do shit against a team with planes and an invisible weapon.

On to the lie - (I may change lie to great distraction)

Dow almost got to the 25k target I was looking for. Impossible to balance how early stage recovery vs economic destruction will work with the markets. At this time it doesn’t look like the markets will puke up that second lung and collapse, yet I do believe the chance for that to happen has risen over the past few weeks. If they don’t open things back up real soon, good chance chaos ensues. Hope you’ve prepped enough over the years as we’ve discussed. I believe you get one last shot to prep accordingly for the big one. This isn’t it. At least I don’t think so. Could be though if they don’t end the charades.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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