Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Morning Charts 04/08/2020 SPX

Not sure which direction the deep state takes this, how the government follows and then how we react. With flu deaths outnumbering corona 2:1 (and the corona numbers are jaded with flu and other deaths), WTF? Folks it’s a bio weapon designed to take out the elderly and incapacitated - the two biggest burdens on the healthcare system. How’d it spread is my biggest question? The most obvious answer to me - chemtrails. It’s a war against Trump and the USA. Pretty much everything is a lie.

Follow @claytravis (yes a sports reporter) on Twitter for sensible corona numbers pointing out the obvious.

On to the lie -

Don’t be surprised, but Dow pulled back yesterday and back checked the busted 60m 200ma and 38% retracement resistance. I believe it’s channeling up. The 60m 20ma is at 22,200, so that should be your new barometer for market health or lowest case support. Worst case is the daily 20ma at 21,300. For upside, the daily 50ma or the 61% retracement in the 25,100 neighbored should be a target. Those 60m charts are something.

More to come below.

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GL and GB!

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