Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Morning Charts 04/21/2020 SPX

Oil. Wow!  So, in 6 weeks we can literally kill the global economy. Who’d a thunk it. I’ll be buying USO soon and a lot of it. We ain’t done yet. Time to get greedy. If we are done and it all goes to shit, the dollar and markets are meaningless anyway. Prep much? Got gold and silver and barterable items? Did you diversify out of the petro dollar fiat slowly as the markets went up?

So much for all those three month emergency plans I used to advise everyone to have. They are literally the first thing we were taught. Pretty good advice for people and business. We’d all be fine, but people are geared to consume not save.  Those with money are just fine waiting it out. Those without are fucked. Maybe this will teach people to save just a little. Those that ‘can’t’ I say BS. If you make it you can save it. Discipline, a large portion of us have to own cars and houses that are just beyond our means. We like to look like we’re worth more than we are. No one plans for times like these, but I’m guessing they’re figuring that out now. Tough love from a former financial advisor, but it’s real.

On to the lie -

Don’t want to see things get worse. Hate to see that C leg happen. Maybe one last flush. You know the deep state globalists that want you chipped and corralled want it. They want Trump gone (which is the best possible argument as to why we need him more than ever). It would be quick I’m guessing. I believe we’re coming back better than before. So ....

I’ll drop some targets below. Watch the daily and 60m ma’s. It should be that simple for targets.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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