Monday, June 2, 2014

Morning Charts 06/01/14 SPX /es

The LS's have a golf tourney this AM I have to deliver them to, so I'll be a bit late. Summer duties - sorry. So enjoy a mini rant - 

We can talk top all we want. Let's get this straight, bottom line is the market is NOT real. It is not one single bit representative of anything that we've ever known or experienced. I'll reiterate that it is the veil hiding the truth. It is all they have left separating us the sheeple from the true reality. 

What are they hiding? It's a huge step, giant leap, walk of faith, but you have to come to the realization that they are planning a future for you that you will have little to no control over. 

If you can't see it coming, you are blind as a bat. Well, maybe not blind, but you are not willing to cross the line separating conspiracy theory from fact. For years here at STB we've seen so may theories come true. One after the other, and now they are ramping up their pace. They know they are running out of time and must accelerate their implementation. 

It all started many, many years before the Patriot Act, but since 9-11 and the '08 crash, From the NDAA to Agenda 21, from PRISM to CISPA, from the NSA surveillance to the DHS, from MSM control to them having to back down from the FCC installing news monitors in every newsroom across the country, from them owning over 2 billion bullets for domestic use to arming the likes of the USPS and IRS, from them shutting down the last lead smelt in the US to then limiting ammo available via their purchases, from the Fukushima coverup to the BP oil spill and all the corexit used, from Sandy Hook to any other high profile domestic shooting, from Afghanistan to any other recent invasion, from now arming the taliban and al CIAda to the recent and most horrifying hostage exchange, from having a muslim president hell bent on destroying this country to ... well, I think you get my drift, and I barely scratched the surface on a plethora of factual examples.

The market and ZIRP are the veil or cover for their coming takeover. The destruction of the Constitution and the hoard of executive orders are setting the table for the STB "event" - a large domestic false flag - probably nuclear, that will allow them to flip the switch. Retirement plan confiscation, marshal law, FEMA camps, it is all going to go down. A true socialist or fascist state is coming to America. The evidence is piling up. For this reason I try and preach diversifying out of their system. Owning (all purchased with untraceable cash) gold, silver, guns, ammo, barterable items, food, water filters and such where you can survive when they shut off the power and water and chaos rules.

I highly suggest you take a gander at the Continuity Plan of the US Government and Agenda 21 if you have not. Scary shit, all right there in black and white for you to see. Again, if you have not taken that final step across the Rubicon, the sooner the better. 

The markets are all they have left to keep us in our seats. This makes the top call all that much more difficult. We all know they can't even let it correct at this point. As for reality, the top was really set in the mid 90's. As for our current situation, everything above 1474 (really 667) is a lie. 

It will all be recaptured in a few days when everything eventually turns, and then the crowds will rush for the exits. I don't really think focusing on a top here is as important. What is? Avoiding the coming capital controls and diversifying out at these levels. You are chasing a lie at this point. You are being caught in a trap. You are fueling their system and allowing them to perpetuate the lie. 

Please seriously consider all the above. Do your own research. Google all of the terms mentioned. Read the continuity plans and Agenda 21. You have to take that final step. It is all right there in front of you. It has been for years. They are escalating and you are doing what? 

As for a top call, I have to continue to digest so many things. This is the best point ever actually. The double overthrow I've been discussing in the ridiculously overbought farce of a market. It could not be more technically perfect. So many things I have pointed to have led us to this place. I've held my tongue. I am one of the very few left that have not called the top. I've patiently watched the charts. I'm not sure I can hold out much longer. I've always said TA would get it right and price will not lie. They can't outrun price.

There are no secrets. It's all out in the open now. What's not rigged? Seriously? What is not rigged? It all goes back to my "event" call from 2009. Total control folks. Nothing happens till they are ready to crash it or something rips control of the market from them. 

So, the question is, are they ready or are they about to lose control, and are you prepared for the aftermath? I have to ask, do you really think you are going to be able to call your broker and get your assets transferred to a bank? OK, say you can do that. Do you think you will then be able to get said funds out of the bank? If that can even happen, which it won't, guess what? You are now on a terrorist list. What a lovely place to live.

America is dead as we know it. From the raping of the Constitution to the persecution of Christians - it's going down and the sooner that you wake up to reality the better.

I'll get to the charts when I get in.

More to come when I get in. 

GL and GB!

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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