Thursday, June 26, 2014

Morning Charts 06/26/14 SPX

I remain speechless this morning. Not completely disabled of paralyzed, but more in a mode where I'm stunned or fazed (maybe tazed is a more representative modern term). It took years to get to this point. It's slightly embarrassing as the leader of STB to be in this position. For over five years I've fought daily to bring the truth and best market analysis I could to you. I've fought and scratched and dug and clawed relentlessly to warn you of the Fed, the elite, the corruption, the coming fascist police state and so much more.

Maybe I'm in this mode cause I'm sensing the end (and thus the coming top call prior to 07/02). We talk about emotion here at STB. I think I can separate emotion from the situation better than most but for some reason not here and now. Nothing has changed for me. Life is really good right now for me and my family. I'm not tired. My health is excellent. I'm guessing that the weight or severity of reality is finally cracking my veneer.

LoooL we talk about STB therapy sessions and intervention - guess it's my turn to stand up and bleed a little bit in front of everyone.

Hi everybody. I'm Shanky

everyone - Hi Shanky!


Greed, corruption and lawlessness rule the day. This sucks and we're bout to be in a big fight to retain our simple freedoms and rights. God is being stamped out for a reason. The Entity that gave us everything, all our inalienable rights, our souls, is being eliminated from the equation. Why? Simple, cause His principles, the awesome principles of good and moral behavior, don't apply to their system. We can't have two masters, so God has to go. We can't be good Christians cause that would mean we have the worst power of all as individuals - inalienable right. That is not possible if they are to rule us.We must serve the system and the system only.

Sadly many don't see this. They can't see beyond their personal wealth and pursuit of earthly desires. They are so caught up in existence and perception that they've left all morals behind as they roll along allowing the government to do what it does as long as they are not bothered. Well, it's just that, blindly allowing the government to do what it does that's going to bite us all in the ass one day when it is too late. We're gonna have that 'coulda had a V8' bitch slap moment sooner than later when we wake up and find the Constitution is gone, something akin to marshal law in the streets and big brother on your TV telling you what camp you will be reporting to this day.

The market is the veil. It is their smoke screen. It is what masks reality. Maybe I'm so down on all of this right now cause we spend so much time analyzing their main distraction, the one thing that keeps reality a bay. Like studying the cloak of the devil, after staring at it for a while you realize something evil lurks just below. The market is all they have left. When it goes, everything goes with it this time. It's the fact that good folks are in such denial about the real situation, and they are not doing one damn thing to stop it. That bothers me. OK, you are on the train, you see the cliff coming fast, there is the emergency break but each of us refuses to pull it. WTF?

On to the lie -

OK, the past two days I gave you monthly and weekly charts, now here is the daily.

Daily SPX - Technically, I don't know, you tell me what you see? I know what I see.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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