Friday, January 31, 2014

Open Weekend Post 02/01-02/14 SPX /ES

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

August of 2013 was the last red month. Last year there were only two, so bears are getting their work done early this year. They tend to come in bunches or pairs.

Not much to comment on that was not covered in the awesome comment section this week. You folks really kick ass. Not sure why this is not one of the top blogs for information on the new. I kinda like it under our little rock and think I will keep it that way.

Always the possibility of a FF at the Super Bowl, so be ready just in case. In the championship game I went against the Broncos cause of their D. I still contend Brady had one of his worst games ever. I'm rooting for the Broncos cause of Baily and Moreno (Bulldawgs), but I'm going to have to pick the better D and go with Seattle for the W. I also want PM to win another, but I think that Seattle D is just too much and RW's scrambling may be the ultimate difference.

Minis 60m  -Minis fell and tagged my red diagonal of death perfectly and reversed for now. That's either it for the correction or things get a lot worse. Next stop is near 1700 and then 1630. I'm not sure they can revover if this diagonal goes, and I believe they know that. The STB red diagonal of death was as low as I was willing to go on the last two tumbles. Can they hold it again? We will soon know.

Have a great weekend.

GL and GB

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