Thursday, January 2, 2014

Morning Charts - Let the Games Begin - 1/2/14 SPC /ES

I don't do predictions posts, but I hope to have my thoughts together by Monday for 2014. Pretty sure I will call this the year of conspiracy fact where the truth is finally revealed, all will glimpse reality and either accept or reject the new paradigm. It's gonna be a wild election year with everything on the line for the libtards (it's gonna get nasty). Will the markets have a real correction in 2014? Gold? Dollar? Oil? How bout some supersized FF's? Bail-in America? Nanny/police state/gun control? Will we finally hit the streets in mass protests? Will they shut down the internet? So many questions. 

About all I can do this morning is laugh - the holidays are gone now, the great Xmas/NY distraction is over, everyone is back at work Monday, "they" have nowhere to hide now and the mountain of shit that can not be ignored 

Want to see the BS that happened in the minis overnight - the ramp up and subsequent 8 point gap down? When was the last time we had an 8 point gap down in the minis? Thanks to "them" we now have a 6 point ope gap above our heads. What a crock of shit. IMHO this was completely intentional. Nothing more than a move to emotionally screw with the few real investors that are left in the market. 

Minis 30m - here is what matters 1833 and that old dashed green diagonal. If they go the elevator ride begins south. The holes are massive. 10, 97, 71 and 50 are your major support points today. 

Minis 4hr - This is about to get real folks. I sense a lot of fun about to happen both in and out of the markets. A whole lot of satisfying and unsatisfying events are about to roll in in rapid succession. 

This is about to get really real!

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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