Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Morning Charts 01/21/14 SPX /ES

You know, I try very hard to retain a level head and not freak out. I used to go absolutely ballistic in my rants and raves, but today I try to remain as calm as possible while attempting to convey the severity of the overall situation. This task is becoming increasingly difficult as we near the end of the false recovery road. 

STB's mantras have been steady, follow the Fed, follow taper on/off, exit dollar denominated assets, buy physical and prep like hell. The gains on your statement look awesome, but all they are is paper gains. Every try to get those funds into your hands? 

The definition of a Demand Accounts has changed drastically since 2008. It used to mean you could demand your cash and get it. Now it means they demand to keep your assets. Your assets in their hands is all that keeps their system alive. It generates fees and leverage. Want to kill the beast? Want to end the Fed? Want to secure your retirement and make sure your savings are safe? There is only one place to do all that and it is not with your funds in their institutions. 

I feel the need to start getting a bit more direct with my warnings of doom and gloom again. The False Flags are coming. Their game is coming to an end. Your financial enslavement is complete, now they need you to submit to the system. They need a very large distraction and they need one very soon. All I can say is I hope you are prepared at home. More to come on this later.

On to the lie - 

Earnings season - do me a favor and turn off CNBS and just watch the news and the charts. They are such a distraction. Take the hype out of the equation and you will see things much more clearly. 

SPX Daily - I honestly think all we have to do is let this rising red wedge play out and that's it. This chart is a technical disaster zone for bully. The lower black wedge support is the line of death.

More to come below. ToS is not loading this morning, so when it finally comes up I'll get you the minis info below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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