Monday, January 6, 2014

Morning Charts, Bold Prediction and National Championship Preview 01/06/14 SPX /ES

Well, so much for a bigger post this morning. First day back at the office in a while, and I kinda got lost for an hour or so in my ToS charts. I still have not quite formulated my baseline post for 2014 either. 2013 I went with God is dead, and in 2012 I went with "everything's manipulated". 

Bout three years ago I declared that Q1 of 2013 would be as far as they could take the farce. I still contend I got the Q1 2013 call correct, because without the Fed hitting the nitrus and turbo button at the same time early and often starting last January things would be quite different right now. You see 2013 was the year of the technical overthrow, four (daily) to be exact. I've shown them to you all last year. STB dodged top call after top call to the point I am one of the very few left standing that's made it this far. 

Daily SPX - The black vertical lines are the overthrow points. That's four very potential technical ends to the nightmare that they've blown thru. The current setup is quite tedious and the overthrow has not been confirmed. With each instance they become more precarious, and one day their magic will fail.

This year I'll watch this chart as close as any for it tells me that between now and September the market will fail. July starts the final countdown. Just follow the blue diagonals and the yellow boxes to the thick red vertical line.

Weekly SPX -

SPX Monthly - This chart agrees with the above except it allows slightly more room to the end of the year. It also was overthrown at the beginning of last year marking the massive unprecedented manipulation that screwed my Q1 2013 call.

As for my other thoughts on this year - they are to come. Bail-in, false flag, gun control, police state, election fraud, domestic unrest, Ocare, EU crash, MENA stuff, China and possibly most importantly Fukushima - it all adds up to a blow out year that will be an historic game changer. Did I mention impeachment? In an election year? We're gonna have a very busy year here at STB. 

As for the minis this morning - 

Minis 4hr - I'm watching that tedious pink wedge support. While price has some sort of form (the wedge) it is still not the best. 1837 is still the bull/bear line. I'll get into specific targets and s/r below in the commentary.

As for the National Championship game tonight - Let me first note that I don't hate many things on this planet. I try not to hate, but in some instances it is unavoidable. Right now the only two things that I intensely dislike are our president and Auburn. (Edit: I hate the potus cronies Reed, Pelosi and the rest of the fascist pigs.)

If my Dawgs were coached well enough they would have batted down the pass and we'd not be here right now (I was at that game). If AL capitalizes on any of the 5 (five) scoring chances AU is not here either.

To give them credit their O is very good. Malzahn is a genius. 

FSU played four ranked teams and an ACC (very light) schedule. Clemson was the only W that counted. The other ranked teams - Miami, Duke and Maryland - really? AU ran the SEC gauntlet, played 6 ranked teams and won their last two over top 5 opponents. AU's running game can not be stopped. On the other hand AU has no D, but they did manage to beat Johnny (punk) Football and Tx A&M, and that's the game I'm gonna compare to this one. Famous Jamus and the Noles will score a lot, but in the end I think AU's more battle tested. 

Who will win? I think it is possible that both teams will score in the 50's. I will personally be rooting for both teams to lose. I hate 'em both (AU much more of course). I'd like to see the SEC close out the BCS era with 8 straight (cause we deserve it). I'd also like to see AU be the one to end that streak, cause I can rib them forever about it. 

So, enjoy the game. Should be fireworks galore and a really heavy hitting matchup. I think that the team that has the ball last will win.

More to come below.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

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