Thursday, September 19, 2013

Morning Charts 09/19/13 SPX /ES

No taper? When taper? Ever taper? Can they taper? Who knows. The only reason to care is that when taper ends so does everything as we know it. Is it any wonder people have been bailing from DC over the past couple of years? No one in the know wants any part of what's coming, the inevitable debt bubble bust.

I feel sad for those that are clueless and simply live their lives in the matrix refusing to acknowledge the truth. I'm sad for what's happened to this country that once kicked ass. Greed rules over ignorance now. They've lulled the nation to sleep.

While we've been in the pastures playing with our heads stuck in our iEverythings learning to twerk like Miley, they've been taking over everything. We deserve what we're gonna get. We allowed it to happen. We're about to be sent into the desert to wander for 40 years to pay for our sins.

I'm on a top hunt now. Fortunately STB has dodged yet another Top Call bullet. I think I'm one of the last few standing in this game. How have I managed to avoid the traps and pitfalls? Simple, believe in a completely controlled and manipulated market. A market that is nothing more than illusion leading the sheeple to believe that all is well in the world today. They come home, see the DOW is at all time highs, and go right back to Dancing With the Stars never thinking to look at any details.

They can't let the market crash for two reasons. First, as above, the illusion all is well, and second, they have to get their money out and complete this portion of wealth transfer from the middle class to the elite. The Bernanke Put is in place and here to stay till their goals have been accomplished. Every time they talk about or take it away, it has only been to line up the shorts for slaughter.

I believe we've finally reached an end game point. My long time call that they'd make it to the first quarter of 2013 came and went. Heck, they should have never made it off the floor in 2009, but here we are still rolling along in the greatest farce know to mankind. They're done this time. Remain patient traders and prepare yourselves at home for the real destruction to come and possibly a revolutionary time.

Daily SPX - Set up for the kill once again. The final bull trap run is upon us I believe. Rumor has it that Obummer will start allowing the entitled to use their EBT cards to open Etrade accounts - LOL - just kidding, but that is the type of euphoria that tops are made of. I don't think we get mom and pop this time, but we are getting the volatility that I've been speaking about for the past several months.

Negative divergences galore on top of negative divergences galore - not a good set up. Add to that SPXA50 over 400 and NYMO topping, and you get one nasty mix that's not bullrific!

SPX Weekly - See the yellow boxes? That's all the time there is left. Oh, and when you've been running negative divergences on a weekly chart for close to two years, that's not a good thing either.

Minis - She may have just topped. Remember that STB point I gave you a few weeks back when price was near 1666? Well, here it is. Amazing how these things can work out. Upper LT pink channel resistance backtesting the busted beige LT market support. If I had any balls and was not scared shitless of the Fed and their manipulation, I'd call a top right here and now,

More to come below.

Have a good day

GL and GB!

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