Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Morning Charts 09/17/13 SPX /ES

Fed, Fukushima, shootings, Syria, you name it, it's going on and a lot more.

Fukushima is probably the most dire situation of the above. Kyodo: Fearing Fukushima plant would flood, workers opened barriers — Amount of contamination released ‘unknown’ is a very important issue. My read on this, TEPCO had an easy out under the cover of a typhoon to simply dump as much contaminated water as possible into the pacific. This bought them some time and saved them millions in storage costs. Damn the environment and save a few bucks. What a policy. This pretty much pegs how lost we are as a species on this planet. Where are all the earth loving libtards when you need them most? 

On the shootings, false flag or disgruntled servicemen with PTSD, it does not matter. They will be coming for our guns hot and heavy again. It is part of their master plan, cause we can't be docile debt slaves to the system if we remain armed. If this can be tied back to Syria it will be so the administration can get as much mileage out of the incident as possible. Note: there were posts about this incident (have been screen cast) that were written before the shooting occurred.

As for Syria, potus has waived the ban on arming terrorist groups. Let's quickly link all of this together so you get it - Obummer will now be arming our ally the Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria. This is the same group (bogeyman) we've been fighting since 9/11 and the same group that just called for "small scale strikes" in the US. Anyone smelling another Fast and Furious incident? Anyone else wonder how he has not been removed from office and is still our leader?

As if the world was not FUBAR enough already, now lets get into the Fed and the taper (anyone else notice how conspicuously quiet the budget issue has been?) . Priced in baby! All is well. Whatever. All is a lie is more like it. We've beat this one to death. My read, they taper $10 to 15 billion. This is a small enough amount that whatever they have been spending off the books can cover the stated decrease in QE.

This is a token gesture to get everyone on board that the US is in recovery mode and things are improving. Horse hockey! Manipulated data, a student loan bubble that is about to implode, a debt ceiling that is about to be raised again, 50 million on food stamps, $3.50 gas, stealth inflation, unemployment and more all 6 years after the fact do not make a recovery. The Fed can't stop, not will they stop (at least publicly). Folks, get used to it everything including the weather is now being controlled and manipulated by your government and they are not going to stop till they have complete control over you.

As for the markets, all we can do is wait on the Fed tomorrow. I suspect a quiet day today. I would be anticipating a sell the news event. Taper will be announced near their figured. To large or to small they spook everyone. I will also anticipate language to be very accommodating leaning towards the, "if this does not work we'll gladly crank up the presses again". This keep the BSB put in place backstopping the markets.

 Minis 60m -

SPX Weekly - chart is a bit ugly but it is meant to show you one thing. That upper blue diagonal. That is LT market resistance for the move off the 2009 lows at 1733. also note how ugly the indicators are below especially MACD on this weekly chart.

SPX Daily - Same as above but closer. Note all the gaps in gray. That lower pink support diagonal is the key line for the bears.

RUT Daily - The same LT blue resistance diagonal. Get u sum of that MACD negative divergence.

DOW Daily - and it working with two different (yellow and blue) LT resistance diagonals. And the negative divergences are screaming here as well.

We're close folks. Tese LT resistance diagonals are some very serious road blocks. Technicals are saying this is it. Somewhere near here she's gonna give out of be forced ("event") to give out. Be patient and let this thing play out. tomorrow should be interesting to say the least.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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