Friday, July 12, 2013

Morning Charts 07/12/13 SPX /ES

At this point all I got for you is ..... LOL.

What else can you do? Had another moment late last night with a wealthy sheeple that does not believe in my doomsday thesis. Bottom line is the sheeple see and do what they want controlling their own reality. I guess we all have plug-n-play lives these days. How nice. 

I've said all I have to say for this week. QE4eva is back on. End of story. What else is there to say? What else can be said? Why waste my time and yours? The wealthy ass, DA, sheeple I met last night can go about his business and call me a loon all he wants and be 100% right. 

Till he isn't. 

Thanks RC and all for the effort last night taking STB to a comment 4 handle for the first time eva. HA! 4eva - get it? nah, let's not go there. Sorry I was not there. It is Corexit time for me. 

I owe a serious thanks and need to compliment the comment section this week especially. Y'all kick ass. Best eva by far. 

OWP will be up after the close. 

Daily SPX - Wow, another RS launching pad. They take you to the edge, build you up and then slam your ass like The Rock slamming Diesel. I'd like to go the female tease analogy route, cause that is actually more painful, but let's not go there. You know, I saw it. Saw it plain as day. I said if they took out 35 and the 61% retracement, never friggin mind,. I don't want to discuss it any more this week. Their MO was laid before me for all to see, I saw it and I still could not believe my eyes even after all these years.

Now what? That's friggin simple - party on Garth! This is soooo stupid on soooo many levels. 

OK, where are the charts - We got the SPXA50 above 400. That is the first clue we can turn. We got the NYMO ready as well. We're working on a double top with a massive negative divergence in the MACDaddy. Whatever. 

One word - event. They got your back till then. The farce is on now. The cat is out of the bag. Everyone now knows everything is fake, and yet here we sit rolling along as if the wheels did not just come flying off the car. Amazing, truly amazing. 

This so reminds me of the summer of '11, and then the ass just fell out of the market (one of STB's best calls ever).

Enjoy the weekend. 

GL and GB!

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