Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Afternoon Delight 06/05/12 - Waiting Game

OK, big deal tonight. You need to pay attention to the Venus Transit of the sun this evening. I watched a couple of short vids on this today and did not realize how important the history behind this event was and what it meant to science today. Follow this link the a good post on the event. I suggest you take a few minutes to learn more behind the history of the event and what its impact on science. Oh, and you won't get the chance to see this again in your lifetime (or your kids) cause it won't happen again till 2117.

Why bother cover the multiple bailout rumors du jour. I know they get a bit humerus after FN and CNBS throw out their umpteenth iteration (they need something to talk about of the than FailBerg - FB). Bailout this and that and wait for the white bailout night to come to the rescue. Denials and head fakes and promises and breaking this and that and renouncement and blah blah blah.  You can go read all that crud if you like. I'll just hit the headlines and move on. It is all a waste of time till you see the ticker move one way of the other in a big way.

One word - Boring! What? did they decide to play follow the green line today? I'll reiterate what I said in the morning post. Crossing the blue upper channel resistance diagonal marks a possible breakout above fib, gap and price support at 1264. Remember there is nothing above or below price to really stop any movement.

All you can do is wait and see what happens. You've seen it before. The market is anticipating bailouts galore and for the powers that be to not let the system fail. Pretty run of the mill basic stuff here as you should be used to how it works now. You have seen this action as the permabulltards start lining up to get long ahead of the next mega bailout. They are gonna get burned one day. A bull trap will be set and it will sting.

If you were wondering about the FLAME virus (the same one that has targeted the middle east) and if you could be vulnerable I suggest you read this post from Wired. It sparked my interest because I just ran updates for three computers this week with MSFT software. Guess how Flame gets in? Thru a rogue update!

GL and GB!

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