Friday, June 29, 2012

Open Weekend Post 06/30-01/12

You know the drill - share the love and the knowledge.

Over the past year or so I've tried to bring a more professional tone and keep the blog away from my traditional wild west 4 letter word rant laden posts that brought most of you here. I conformed and tried to make this a place where everyone could feel comfortable and not have to endure my foul language. Well, that's about to end.

I've been so polite and patient, not anymore. I've had it. As most know about 6 months ago I hit a bad personal (market and government related only everything else is just fine thank you) funk. I'm tired of the same old rinse/repeat, lie to your face, theft, corruption, elitist controlled actions that are destroying not only the USA but the globe as well. It has become monotonous to post. Just the SSDD over and over and over. It is time to make a stand and maybe for this blog to make the swat list. It is time to attack.

We used to dance along the edge of empirical rebellion here at STB and it is time to bring that back. Patience or complacency or politically correct commentary is ending this week at STB. I never lost my fire, I just did not post things in my unique (Shanktified) style. Please welcome back the unhindered and uninhibited STB.

Note the banned word list will be referenced and targeted by the blog. Banned words - fuck you! For those of you with squeamish tummies and are afraid of standing up for what is right, those that are not willing to lay it on the chopping block the way our forefathers did, you can be a good little conforming sheeple and leave the blog now.

Seriously, don't come back. You will be much safer. Crawl into your little conformist pussy hole and leave. Before you go though you need to know one thing - you are no better than the entitled fucks that are ruining this country. You will be persecuted whether you fight or not. You will be belittled and subjugated to a life not fit for one of God;s greatest creations whether you fight or not, so I suggest you make a stand. This is the real deal. this war now. If you do not want to be associated with a real american that believes in his constitutional and GOD GIVEN rights that is just fine. 

Let me apologize to you folks that can't handle the 4 letter words in advance (you were warned about this in the About Me section of the blog since the beginning). I am a good God fearing Christian person. I respect and greatly appreciate you and everyone that visits the blog daily. I personally believe I would be doing the greatest disservice to you if I did not tell it how I see it. 

I need to thank all of you, especially the core commenters, for your support over the years. This blog had never been about anything but providing the best TA that I can and the truth. It is not about money or fame or anything material. I just want you to be aware of the truth, and folks, you are about to get a serious heaping dose of that. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend. 

GL and GB!

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